Top Baby Names in Switzerland 2019

The top baby names in Switzerland for 2019 were Mia and Liam — also the most popular boy name in the United States.

Along with Mia, other popular girl names in Switzerland include Emma, Sofia, Lara, and Emilia. In addition to Liam, the top boy names include Noah, Matteo, Gabriel, and Luca.

Switzerland has four national languages — German, French, Italian, and Romansh — and the government records data at the regional level. The only names to rank in all four regions are Anna, Lara, Maria, Sara, and Luca.

Names unique to a single region include Anouk, Jael, Lars, and Aurelio in German-speaking Switzerland; Juliette, Margaux, Jules, and Duarte in the French-speaking region; Asia, Gaia, and Zeno in the Italian-speaking region; and Fionn in Romansh-speaking Switzerland.

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