Bruno Origin and Meaning

The name Bruno is a boy's name of German origin meaning "brown".

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Tough-yet-cuddly Bruno is an international name even in its origins: it derives from the Germanic word for “brown” plus a Latin ending, and was borrowed as a color word in many European languages.

Today, Bruno is popular in Latin America, Spain, and Eastern Europe, but has been — until recently, at least — neglected in North America.

In the middle ages, it was worn by several rulers and bishops, and an eleventh-century saint. In modern times, Bruno gets its “strong man” image from people like wrestler Bruno Sammartino, and Frank Bruno, the British boxer. That, and the fact it was traditionally a name for bears in children’s tales.

However, Bruno also has a more gentle, soulful side that more and more parents are seeing. Singer Bruno Mars (born Peter, but nicknamed Bruno from a young age after Sammartino) has done a lot to raise its popularity in the last 20 years.

The Disney movie Encanto may do even more, thanks to its misunderstood prophetic Uncle Bruno, and the catchy song We Don’t Talk About Bruno.

As boy names ending in O continue to rise, we can see this appealing to parents looking for something well-known, multicultural, and not too popular.

Its color meaning makes it especially good for a boy born in autumn.

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Famous People Named Bruno

  • Saint Bruno of CologneGerman founder of the Carthusian Order
  • Saint Bruno the GreatGerman Archbishop of Cologne and Duke of Lotharingia
  • Saint Bruno of QuerfurtGerman missionary bishop and martyr
  • Saint BrunoItalian Bishop of Segni and Abbot of Montecassino
  • Saint BrunoDuke of Saxony, one of the Martyrs of Ebsdorf
  • Bruno Mars (born Peter Gene Hernandez)American pop,rock singer
  • Bruno CamposBrazilian,American actor
  • Bruno TonioliItalian,British choreographer and TV personality
  • Bruno Eduardo Regufe AlvesPortuguese footballer
  • Bruno Leopoldo Francesco SammartinoItalian,American pro wrestler
  • Bruno SennaBrazilian racing driver
  • Bruno Fraga SoaresBrazilian tennis player
  • Bruno BettelheimAustrian psychoanalyst
  • Bruno MetsuFrench footballer
  • Bruno MerzNew Zealand singer,songwriter
  • Bruno Coppolason of American composer Anton Coppola
  • Bruno Paul Diamond (b. 1996)son of celebrity chef Nigella Lawson
  • Bruno LeiferWolf (b. 2007), son of comedienne Carol Leifer
  • Bruno Litmanen (b. 2007)son of footballer Jari Litmanen
  • Bruno Wünsche (b. 2008)son of actress Annette Frier and Johannes Wünsche; twin of sister Josephine
  • Bruno Franz Harder (b. 2010)son of actress Rhea Harder
  • Bruno Lucas Ferreira Souza (b. 2012)son of model Danielle Souza and footballer Dentinho
  • Bruno PeresBrazilian professional footballer

Bruno in Pop Culture

  • Brüno Gehardfashionista character created by Sacha Baron Cohen
  • Bruno Riccison in Italian film "The Bicycle Thief"
  • Brunodog in Disney's 'Cinderella"
  • Brunomain character in book/film The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
  • Bruno Jenkinscharacter in Roald Dahl's "The Witches"
  • Prince Bruno von Grannzreichcharacter in "The Royal Tutor"
  • Bruno Battagliacharacter in 2000 film "Bruno"
  • "Bruno the Kid" animated series and its main character
  • Bruno Bucciarati from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure