German, Norwegian, and Slovenian variation of Jacob, Hebrew variation of James

Jakob Origin and Meaning

The name Jakob is a boy's name meaning "supplanter".

After cracking the US Top 200 in the early 2000s, fueled by Jacob's rise, this name has been losing steam in recent years. But Jakob is the top form of the name in many other countries, cultures, and languages, ranking highly in Germany, Norway, Austria, Iceland, and Slovenia. Jakub is the Polish variation.

# in the US

Jakob Rank in US Top 1000

Jakob Popularity

Famous People Named Jakob

  • Jakob Luke DylanAmerican singer; son of singer Bob Dylan
  • Jakob HlasekSwiss pro tennis player
  • Jakob BoehmeGerman Christian mystic and theologian
  • Jakob Diemer FuglsangDanish cyclist
  • Jakob Johan Sigfrid FriisNorwegian politician
  • Jakob Johann von UexkullGerman biologist
  • Jakob SveistrupDanish singer
  • Jakob AndreaeGerman Lutheran theologian
  • Jakob Silfverbergice hockey player (first syllable pronounced as Jack instead of Jake)
  • Jakob Danger Armstrongson of American singer Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Jakob Zebedee Leafson of English actors Tamsin Greig and Richard Leaf

Jakob in Pop Culture

  • "Jakob the Liar" 1999 film starring Robin Williams
  • Jakob Selandercharacter from "The Dung,Beetle Flies at Dusk," by Maria Gripe
  • JakobAndreas Ullstadius, character from "The Dung,Beetle Flies at Dusk," by Maria Gripe
  • Jakobcharacter from the video game "Fire Emblem Fates"