Feminine form of Malcolm or spelling variation of Melina or Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian

Malina Origin and Meaning

The name Malina is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "raspberry".

Malina is a synthetic-feeling name that may be a feminization of the Scottish Malcolm or a spelling twist on the Greek Melina and that also has a fruit meaning in several Eastern European languages. For all that it's a little bit of lots of things, Malina doesn't feel very much like itself.

Malina Popularity

Famous People Named Malina

  • Malina Opal WeissmanAmerican actress
  • Malina JoshiMiss Nepal 2011
  • Malina MoyeAmerican guitarist and songwriter
  • Malina Stancheva StanchevaBulgarian Chalga (pop,folk) singer
  • Malina Jean Foleydaughter of American actor, director and screenwriter Scott Foley

Malina in Pop Culture

  • Malinacharacter in "The Emperor's New School"
  • Malinaa character in TV's "Heroes: Reborn"
  • Malinasolar deity in Inuit mythology , the sun goddess; sister of the moon god, Aningaaq.
  • "Malina" novel by Ingeborg Bachmann and its main character, later a German film