Combination of Mary and Lou
"bitter; renowned warrior"

Malou Origin and Meaning

The name Malou is a girl's name meaning "bitter; renowned warrior".

This charming name, popular in France and the Netherlands, has not traveled to the U.S. yet but would make a modern way to honor grandma Mary or Louise, or as a perfect short form of Mary Louise. Or, with the growing fashion for nickname names, it can stand perfect well on its own. One of several similar variations — Lou, Lilou, Louane — in vogue in Europe.

Malou Popularity

Famous People Named Malou

  • Malou EjdesgaardDanish tennis player
  • Malou AamundDanish politician
  • Malou HanssonMiss Sweden 2002
  • Malou de GuzmanFilipina actress
  • Malou SantosFilipina entertainment executive

Malou in Pop Culture

  • common nn in the Philippine Islands