Cat Names

In a world where cat names can be almost anything, how do you know where to start? We can help you find the cutest, most unique name for your cat or kitten. Start searching for the perfect cat name here.

Popular Cat Names 2022

popular cat names 2022

Popular cat names reveal the trendiest names for felines in 2022. While there is some overlap between top cat and dog names, cat owners are more likely than dog owners to go with creative, non-human choices, such as Mittens and Tiger. Of course, plenty of fashionable cat names are also popular baby names, including Willow and Leo.

Unique Cat Names

unique cat names

Unique cat names are limited only by your imagination. Unlike dogs, cats can have long, extravagant names, opening up the options to many mythological names, word names, and ancient names.

If you want to be sure your cat has the most distinctive name in your neighborhood, take a look at some of our ideas for unique cat names.

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cat name generator

Searching for the perfect kitten or cat name? Let our magic cat name generator find the ideal choice for you.

Search Cat Names by First Letter

Find all the cat names on Nameberry, organized by first letter, with this Cat Names A-Z search tool.

Search Cat Names by Color

cat names by color

Need a witchy name for your black cat? Or a cottagecore name for your Calico? Search for names by your cat's color or pattern to find a choice perfectly designed for your feline.

Search Cat Names by Personality

cat names

A cat or kitten's personality can be ideal inspiration for their name. Whether you're looking for a badass cat name, a country cat name, or something on the cuter side, find the name to match your cat's character in our lists.

Search Cat Names by Meaning

cat names

Meaningful cat names add an extra layer of significance to your pet's carefully-chosen name. Let your cat's character guide you — a curious cat may need a name that means adventurous, while a scrappy kitten may warrant a name that means survivor or fighter — or choose a meaning based on your own values.

Browse More Lists of Cat Names

lists of cat names

We have oodles of options for cool cat names in our lists organized by theme, image, and style. Whether you're naming a musical cat or want to see what celebrities call their kittens, you'll find what you're looking for here.

Tips for Naming Your Cat

tips for naming your cat

Finding the right cat name can be more difficult than you think. If you’re having trouble with cat names, follow these tips for how to name your cat:

Keep it short and sweet

While cats don’t have to respond to their names the same way dogs do, it’s still a good idea to limit the number of syllables in their name so they can learn and understand it. Two syllables is the ideal length, but one- and three-syllable names are okay too.

Consider nicknames

If you do go with a longer cat name, make sure you like the short forms — you’ll probably end up using them day-to-day! Magnolia could go by Maggie or Nola, and Mordecai could be called Morty or Cai for short.

Avoid mixups

Think about the common names or words your cat will hear — here, treat, no — and avoid names that sound too similar. As much as you love Greer, Pete, or Moe, they may prove too confusing.

Consult the rankings

These days, everyone wants unique cat names. If you don’t want your kitten to be the third Nala at the vet, make sure to check out the list of popular cat names to see how your favorite names stack up.

Inspiration is everywhere

The sky's the limit when it comes to cat names. They can be serious or goofy, "real names" or funny words. Find inspiration in science, nature, and pop culture, or consider your cat’s appearance and personality as a starting point. A name that means dark might suit your black cat, or subvert expectations and choose a name that means white, orange, or pink. Of course, you can check out our Nameberry lists for even more ideas.

Make a choice

Work with your family to narrow down your list and determine which name feels right for your cat. Make sure everyone involved is happy with the decision. If she could, your cat would thank you for such a sincerely chosen name.

Expert Advice on Naming Your Cat

Expert Advice on Naming Your Cat

The baby name experts at Nameberry can help you find the perfect cat name. Whether you need one name or an entire litter's worth, private name consulting can help you make a choice you'll love.

Book a private name consultation today.

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Celebrity Cat Names

Celebrity cat names are even crazier than celebrity baby names. Find out who calls their cat Bagel and which celebrity kitten goes by Spanky in this round-up of the weirdest, most unique celebrity cat names.

celebrity cat names