Labrador Retriever Names

Labs may be the friendliest dogs, and so names that mean friend or friendly make ideal names for Labrador Retrievers. Names that mean love might also make good names for Labs, because they show so much affection. If you've got a brand new Lab or Labradoodle to name, consider these great Lab names.

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  • Agapi

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Agapi has a sweet meaning of love and affection, but though this name is used in modern Greece, it's one of the Greek names for... Read More 

  • Aiko

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Aiko is a very common Japanese name with a lovely meaning that is rarely heard outside the Asian community. Pronounced ah-ee-ko.Read More 

  • Aimee

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Amy was a 1970s favorite, and French spelling Aimee peaked in the same decade.

    Aimee Teegarden is an American actress, known for her role as Julie Taylor on the TV drama Friday Night... Read More 

  • Alden

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    Hot young actor Alden Ehrenreich, the new Han Solo, gives this formerly-stodgy surname name an attractive new image, making it a fresh successor to Aiden or Holden. Before it got this fresh shine,... Read More 

  • Alvin

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    Alvin has a sturdy, no-frills sound that belies its somewhat whimsical meaning. Interesting potential namesakes include British rocker Alvin Stardust, and US footballer Alvin Williams, and... Read More 

  • Amadeus

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's middle name could make an interesting pick for music-loving parents--if only in middle place. Amadeus is the title of a Peter Shaffer play which became an... Read More 

  • Amanda

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    After a long run as the prettiest senior in class, this romantic name has lost some of its glossy sheen, though it's still quite lovely and well used. Amanda was one of the romantic-sounding Read More 

  • Amara

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Strong, attractive, and stylish, Amara is a true multicultural choice enjoying some popularity in both the US and the UK. The two meanings we list are the best-known, but Amara is also a Sanskrit... Read More 

  • Amato

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    Saint's name that emanates amore. Read More 

  • Amatus

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    Amatus is an ancient Roman name in the "Ama" family of names whose meanings relate to love -- they range from Amy to Amity to Amias to Amoret and Amatus.Read More 

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