Top Names for Cats

What are the top cat names in the US? Fluffy doesn't rank anymore, but cool people names like Dexter and Willow are stylish for cats too. The top two names for cats are Luna and Oliver, both of which are on the rise for human babies as well.

Along with Luna, the other top names for girl cats include Bella, Lily, Lucy, and Kitty. In addition to Oliver, the other top names for boy cats include Leo, Milo, Charlie, and Max. Cat owners are often inspired by names of notable fictional felines, such as Nala, Simba, and Tigger.

If you've got a kitten or a cat to name, you may want to choose a name based off his or her physical appearance or look through lists of names that also work for babies to find one for your feline. Here are the top names for kittens and cats.

Popular Cat Names
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