English Names for Girls

English names for girls range from the down-to-earth and simple, like Lucy and Ann, to positively aristocratic-sounding, like Georgiana or Araminta. English girls' names may be English-language versions of names rooted in classic Greek, Latin, or Hebrew languages and cultures, such as Dorothy, Eleanor, and Evelyn. Some English names for girls are vintage word names, often drawn from nature, such as Hazel and Daisy, and also include lovely modern word names, such as Sunshine and Dove.

English names for girls, to native English speakers at least, tend to be quite familiar and easy to spell and pronounce: Jane, Mae, Tess. But other girls' names with English roots may be unusual and feel exotic, such as Corliss and Quenby. Whether you're looking for a girls' name that's classic or contemporary, popular or rare, you can find an English name that suits your style. You may also want to check out our masterlist of English names for boys.