Girl Names That Start With D

Girl Names That Start With D

Girl names that start with D are led, the biblical bad girl name Delilah. That's a dramatic departure from the days when Debra and Diane made D the leading first initial for girl names.

Along with Delilah and the classic Diana, female names that start with D ranking among the US Top 500 for girls today include flower names Daisy and Dahlia and gender-neutral names Dakota and Delaney.

Along with Delilah and Daisy, Darcie makes the girls' Top 100 in England and Wales. Daniela is a Top 10 girls' name in Spain. D-starting Defne is one of the top girl names in Turkey.

Unique D names for girls we recommend range from the French Delphine to the sassy Dot to the biblical Dinah. Other trending girl names that start with D include the Bridgerton-influenced Daphne, the princess-y Diana, and the old-school favorites Dorothy and Dorothea.

Interestingly, invented name Daleyza has been among the most popular female D names in recent years.

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