Girl Names That Start With H

Girl Names That Start With H

Girls names that start with H are led today by Harper, whose meteoric rise to the Top 10 has made it the Number 1 H name for girls. Biblical Hannah was a huge hit in the 90s and remains popular today, while classic Helen was in the Top 10 girl names for nearly five decades.

Along with Harper and Hannah, popular H names for girls ranking in the current US Top 200 include Hazel, Hailey, Hadley, and Harmony. H name Heloise makes France's Top 100 baby girl names, while Helena ranks among the Top 100 girl names of both Germany and Spain.

Classic girl names starting with H include Helena, Hope, Harriet, Holly, Hillary, Hester, and Henrietta. These names may feel old-fashioned now, but that probably means they're on the brink of coming into stytle.

The major trend of girl names starting with H are gender-neutral last names used as firsts: Harper, Hadley, Harley, Harlow, Hunter, and Hensley. Hayes, Halston, and Hollis are two H-starting surname names rising for both genders.

The letter H has an angelic connection, with popular words-turned-names such as Hope, Haven, and Heaven, and is also a favorite initial for female names in the Harry Potter novels, with characters Hermione, Hedwig, and Helga.

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