Baby Names A-Z

Search baby names by first letter with these Nameberry name generator tools. You can browse all the names in our database A-Z or narrow your alphabetical search further by searching by gender or by name type and first letter. Every list of names that start with each letter is organized by popularity, giving you further helpful information to help you find the perfect name. Start below to find our complete lists of baby names A - Z.

Search All Names A-Z

baby names a-z

Narrow your name choices and focus your name search with this search-by-letter tool, which organizes lists of all the names on Nameberry from A to Z. Names starting with each letter are ordered by to their current popularity, giving you further insight in your alphabetical name search.

Baby Girl Names A-Z

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Baby girl names can also be searched by first letter. You can browse every name for girls in our database using this tool. The most popular first letter for baby girl names today is A by far, with E ranking at Number 2. M is the top consonant starting girl names. And the least popular first initial for baby names for girls? That dubious distinction goes to the letter U.

Baby Boy Names A-Z

boy names that start with o

Are you searching for a name for your baby boy starting with a certain letter? Perhaps you're searching for a third K boy name to match with siblings, or you hope to honor a family member by using their initials, or maybe you just want an easy way to explore what's out there! Browse our full list of baby boy names A-Z here.

Unisex Names A-Z

baby names a-z

All the gender neutral names in our database can be searched by first initial here. This A-Z name search tool lets you see popular unisex names from Avery to Zion as well as unusual gender neutral names from Abbott to Zuri, with lists organized by popularity.

Celebrity Baby Names A-Z

unisex baby names a-z

Search celebrity baby names by first initial using this tool. Celebrity baby names A-Z are included for every year, with lists organized alphabetically by letter.