December Starbabies: Saint, Sailor & Shepherd

December Starbabies: Saint, Sailor & Shepherd

By CaraMichelle

The holiday month just past brought a big bounty of celebrity baby name announcements.

The most highly anticipated was that of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s second child, a boy named Saint, reputedly because they considered him “a blessing.” Another aspirational choice was Cam Newton and Kia Proctor’s boy Chosen Sebastian.

Other A-listers made more traditional pics, such as Dwayne Johnson’s Jasmine Tom Arnold’s Quinn Sophie and Kelis’s Shepherd. Bristol Palin joined the new Sailor/Saylor trend with daughter Sailor Grace.

Here’s the complete list of December baby names chosen by celebrities.


Carmela, sister of Lupe (Dario and Cecilia Cvitanich)

Charlotte Maree Irene, sister of Isabelle (Mathias Cormann and Hayley Ross)

DaisyAnn Rayne (Bradley Mitchell and Raven Stein)

Dakota Lynne, sister of Jaxon (Craig Wayne Boyd and Taylor Borland)

Elizabeth KateEllie Kate (Trevor and Ashton Bayne)

Ella Rose, sister of Harry (Chris Bisson and Rowena Finn)

Emily Grace (Joe and Stephanie Moravsky)

Eve, sister of Tara and Dan (Ralph and Kerry McLean)

EvieMay, sister of Leilani (Josh and Emma Hoffman)

Farryn, sister of Vaughn, Nathaniel, Sawyer, Morgan (m), Walker, Trevor, Gage, Austin, Dalton, Chad, Laura, Rebekah, Emma, Harper, Kaylee, and Jessica (Dave and Christi Cason)

Francesca Isabella (Joey Gonzalez and Jonathan Rollo)

Iman Tayla, Jr. “Junie (Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor)

Izabella, sister of Lucas (Juraj Loj and Zuzana Kanoczova)

Jasmine, sister of Simone (Dwayne “The RockJohnson and Lauren Hashian)

Jeanne, sister of Simon and Jules (m) (Jean Dujardin and Nathalie Péchalat)

Jordan (Natalie Cook and Sarah Maxwell)

Josephine Lena, sister of Valentina (Tommy Haas and Sara Foster)

Julie (Ramon and Paola Sinkeldam)

Kylee Madison, sister of Kaitlyn (Michael and Anna Cardwell)

Mael (Marvin and Sonia Martin)

Maria, sister of Igor and Anna (Mikhail Urzhumtsev and Nadezhda Granovskaya)

Maria (Philippe and Aine Coutinho)

Marin (Alanna Masterson and Brick Stowell)

Maxine Frances Jacqueline, sister of Archibald and Harvey (David and Nicole Millar)

Mia Rose, sister of Joshua and Sam (m) (David Thompson and Wendy Kingston)

Nell, sister of Harper, Owen, and Nora (Patrick and Amy Kennedy)

Quinn Sophie, sister of Jax (Tom Arnold and Ashley Groussman)

Rosie, sister of Dylan (m) (Kevin Pietersen and Jessica Taylor)

Sadie Rose, sister of Elvis and India (Gary Lucy and Natasha Gray)

Sailor Grace, sister of Tripp (Bristol Palin)

Siera Aleira, sister of Ariana (Adam Horsley and Imogen Thomas)

Skylar (Aaron Mooy and Nicola MacLean)

Thea, sister of Maria (Kurban Omarov and Ksenia Borodina)

Theadora Lake (Jo Barus and Ali Pugh)

Valentine Ming (Eoin McLoughlin and Simone Rocha)


Adrian Benjamin (Ben Aaron and Ginger Zee)

Amory Tristan, brother of Calem (m) and Edan (m) (Alan and Catherine Ritchson)

Archie Bob (Darren Robertson and Magdalena Roze)

Augustus Juppiter (Billy Corgan and Chloe Mendel)

Axel, brother of Jack, Brianna, and Ella (Steve Willis and Michelle Bridges)

Barclay, brother of Brooklyn (m) (James Tamou and Brittany McGlone)

Blaise Gordon, brother of Hector, Maud, and Nancy (Dominic Burns and Camilla Rutherford)

Blake, brother of Ellie (Shannon and Belinda Eckstein)

Brandon Byron, Jr., brother of Legend (m) (Brandon Jennings and Tae Heckard)

CarlPhilipp, brother of LouisFerdinand (Prince Ferdinand and Princess Auguste of Lippe-Weissenfeld)

Carter (Ryan and Ana James)

Charlie (Andrew Kingston and Erika Heynatz)

Chosen Sebastian (Cam Newton and Kia Proctor)

Dmitriy Antonovich (Anton Shipulin and Luisa Sabitova)

Freddie Ross (Jordan and Lucy Lewis)

Gatlyn Solomon, brother of Ayden (Jimmy and Sonya Yeary)

Harley Gabriel, brother of Hendrix (Daniel White and Christie Hayes)

Iliesa Joshua (Marika and Emma Koroibete)

Jacolby James (Cody Latimer and Jaimee Rando)

Joseph, brother of Ynes (Sébastien and Mailis Tillous-Borde)

Jude (Nick and Julie Dal Santo)

Kellan (Chris Froome and Michelle Cound)

Kingston, brother of Mila (Darlington Nagbe and Felicia Houtz)

Landrys (Thomas Meunier and Deborah Panzokou)

Léon (Silvia Navarro and Gerardo Casanova)

Leonardo (Paul Di Resta and Laura Jordan)

Ludwig (Ola Vigen Hattestad and Katja Visnar)

McLean George, brother of Josephine (Albert Tse and Jessica Rudd)

Miles Lewis (Madison and Shannon Easter)

Noé (Didier Cuche and Manuela Fanconi)

Owen Lee, brother of Natalie (Jon Shook and Shiri Appleby)

Paul William (Tom Ward and Sarah Harris)

Paxton (David and Taneal Mead)

Rafferty Vincent, brother of Corey (m) (Sam Greenfield and Suzanne Shaw)

Remy Bodhi, brother of Jordyn (f) and Camryn (f) (Jeremy and Val Collins)

Ryan (Brodie Murdoch and Jasmine Adams)

Saint, brother of North (f) (Kanye West and Kim Kardashian)

Shepherd, brother of Knight (Mike Mora and Kelis)

Stanton Charles (Cayden and Allison McFarland)

Valentino, brother of Alona (Matías and Magali Suárez)

Victor, brother of Marius (Camille and Marina Lopez)

Wilder Cathcart (Charlie Ritchie and Jewel Staite)

Xavier Albert Alphons, brother of AlaiaMaria (Princess Carolina of Bourbon-Parma and Albert Brenninkmeijer)


Lawson Brent and Lillian Catherine (David and Catherine Nail)

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