English variation of Louis
"renowned warrior"

Lewis Origin and Meaning

The name Lewis is boy's name of English origin meaning "renowned warrior".
Lewis is the best spelling to choose if you want this pronounced with the S. Lewis has been in the Top 5 in Scotland since 2000, and is one that parents in the U.S. are just beginning to rethink.

Lewis was a Top 100 name in this country from 1880 to 1930, reaching Number 30 in 1880. One of its most famous namesakes is Lewis Carroll, born Charles. A current bearer is comedian Lewis Black. Lewis is also a very common surname, as in Lewis & Clark, Jerry Lewis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Daniel Day-Lewis, Sinclair Lewis, Leona Lewis, and many other notables. Interesting fact: Louis Armstrong pronounced his first name as Lewis.

Nickname/middle name Lou is making a comeback for girls (as in Keri Russell's Willa Lou), so why not Lew for boys?
# 487 in the US

Lewis Rank in US Top 1000

Lewis Popularity

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Famous People Named Lewis

  • Lewis Alonzo YanceyAmerican aviator
  • Lewis Archer BoswellAmerican aviator
  • Lewis Carrollpen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, English novelist and poet
  • Lewis CapaldiEnglish singer,songwriter
  • Lewis Niles BlackAmerican comedian
  • Lewis "Lew" WallaceAmerican politician and general; 11th Governor of New Mexico
  • Lewis GibsonScottish ice dancer
  • Lewis Carl Davidson HamiltonBritish Formula One racer
  • Lewis Frederick "Lew" Ayres IIIAmerican actor
  • Lewis BrindleyEnglish comedian and YouTuber of The Yogscast
  • Lewis NashAmerican jazz drummer
  • Lewis Madison TermanAmerican psychologist
  • Lewis Walton MoodyEnglish rugby union player
  • (Lewis) Jefferson MaysAmerican actor
  • Lewis Harry HoltbyGerman footballer
  • Lewis Kristian MarnellAustralian pro skateboarder
  • Lewis WatsonEnglish singer,songwriter
  • Lewis NixonAmerican soldier in WWII's Easy Company; portrayed in miniseries 'Band of Brothers'
  • Lewis Allan "Lou" ReedAmerican musician
  • Lewis James GrabbanEnglish footballer
  • Lewis WatsonEnglish singer,songwriter
  • Lewis Addison ArmisteadUS Confederate general
  • Lewis CollinsEnglish actor

Lewis in Pop Culture

  • Lewis Youngcharacter on TV series "Flashpoint"
  • Lewis McCartneycharacter on Australian TV series "H2O: Just Add Water"
  • Lewis Snartcharacter on TV's "The Flash"
  • Lewis Clarkminor character on TV's "The Simpsons"
  • Lewis FarberAdam's alias on TV's Forever
  • Lewischaracter on French,Canadian parody soap "Le coeur a ses raisons"
  • "Lewis" British TV series about DI Robert Lewis
  • Lewis Kiniskicharacter on the TV series "The Drew Carey Show" Lewis Kiniski , Lewis is best friends with Oswald Lee Harvey
  • Lewis WoodpeckerMelanerpes lewis