German, Russian, and Scandinavian variation of Anthony
"from Antium"

Anton Origin and Meaning

The name Anton is boy's name of German origin.
Cultured and cultivated in an old-style, Old World way. Sometimes associated with the classic writer Anton Chekhov. Al Pacino has a son with this name.

Anton Popularity

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Famous People Named Anton

  • Anton Yelchinlate Russian,American actor
  • Anton Szandor LaVeyAmerican writer and founder of modern atheistic Satanism
  • Anton KhudobinRussian NHL Hockey player
  • Phalon Anton Alexander aka Jazze PhaAmerican rapper
  • Anton CoppolaAmerican opera conductor and composer
  • Anton Zaslavski (Zedd)Russian,German DJ
  • Anton Pavlovich ChekhovRussian playwright and novelist
  • Anton BrucknerAustrian composer
  • Anton James Pacinoson of actor Al Pacino, twin of sister Olivia Rose
  • Apolo Anton OhnoAmerican Olympic speed skater
  • Anton WalbrookAustrian actor

Anton in Pop Culture

  • Anton Freemancharacter in film "Gattaca"
  • Anton Briggscharacter on TV's "Dexter"
  • Anton Tobiascharacter in film "Idle Hands"
  • Anton "Tony" Wyzekcharacter in musical "West Side Story"
  • Anton Gastmain character in classic German childrens' book "Pünktchen und Anton" by Erich Kästner
  • Tzar Anton Icharacter in webcomic "The Flying Ship" by Jess Milton
  • Antona main character in the book, "Burning Glass" by Kathryn Purdie
  • Anton Zeckthe real name of Bebop, the Mutant Warthog in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise
  • Anton Sokolovcharacter in the Dishonored franchise