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Gender: Male Meaning of Michael: "who is like God?" Origin of Michael: Hebrew Michael's Popularity in 2017: #12

The name Michael is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "who is like God?". Michael is ranked #12 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Bible Names for Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Name Association Game".

From the experts:

Michael was the Number 1 American boys' name for almost half a century. Now, though, Michael has moved down out of the Top 10 baby boy names, but it's still widely used. How has Michael racked up this phenomenal record? Credit its use by parents of diverse ethnic and religious groups, and Michael's all-around likability, strength, and sincerity.

In the Bible, Michael is the archangel who led the other angels to victory in a war against Satan, one of only two archangels (the other is Gabriel) recognized by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. The widespread popularity of Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan were major contributors to its long-running success.

Today, though, Michael may feel more like a dad name than a baby name. Up-and-coming substitutes you might consider include Micah, Malachi, Gabriel and Raphael.

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Famous People Named Michael

Michael, grandson of Uzzi, great-grandson of patriarch Issachar (1 Chr. 7:3)
Michael, Biblical archangel
Michael, descendant of patriarch Benjamin (1 Chr. 8:16)
Michael, son of Judean King Jehoshaphat (2 Chr. 21:2)
Michael I-IX, Byzantine emperors
Michael I, King of Romania
Michael Asen I-III, Tsars of Bulgaria
Michael Alexandrovich, Grand Duke of Russia
Michael Nikolaevich, Grand Duke of Russia
Michael the Brave, Prince of Wallachia
Michael Joseph Jackson, American singer
Michael Jeffrey Jordan, American basketball player
Michael Collins, American astronaut
Michael Kirk Douglas, American actor
Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger, lead singer of English band The Rolling Stones
Michael Landon (born Eugene Maurice Orowitz), American actor
Michael Mario Andretti, American racing driver
Michael Stanley Dukakis, American politician, governor of Massachusetts
Michael Steven Buble, Canadian singer
Michael Dale "Mike" Huckabee, American politician, former governor of Arkansas
Michael Richard "Mike" Pence, 48th Vice President of the United States
Michael Rubens Bloomberg, American politician, former mayor of New York City
Michael Caine (born Maurice Joseph Micklewhite), English actor
Michael John Burkett aka Fat Mike, lead singer of American band NOFX
Michael John Clarke, Australian cricketer
Michael Francis Moore, American documentary filmmaker
Michael Llodra, French tennis player
Michael Clarke Duncan, American actor
Michael Crabtree, American football player
Michael John "Mike" Myers, Canadian-American actor/comedian
Michael Carl "Mike" Bryan, American tennis player
Michael Gerard "Mike" Tyson, American boxer
Michael Gordon "Mike" Oldfield, English musician
Michael Deane "Mike" Harris, Canadian politician, former premier of Ontario
Michael Scudamore Redgrave, English actor
(Robert) Michael Nesmith, American musician of The Monkees
Michael Keaton (born Michael John Douglas), American actor
Michael Ealy, American actor
Michael Emerson, American actor
Michael Fassbender, German-Irish actor
Michael J. (Andrew) Fox, Canadian-American actor
Michael John Gambon, Irish actor
Michael Carlyle Hall, American actor
Michael Soren Madsen, American actor
Michael J. Harney, American actor
Michael Jones, American YouTuber
Michael David Kors (born Karl Anderson Jr.), American fashion designer
Michael Omartian, American singer-songwriter and producer
Michael Manning Weatherly Jr, American actor
Michael Hazen James McIntyre, English comedian
Michael Morpurgo (born Michael Andrew Bridge), English children's author
Michael John Nelson, American comedian
Michael Edward Killeen Hussey, Australian cricketer
Michael Nigro, American actor
Michael Fred Phelps, American Olympic swimmer
Michael "Mike" Pilavachi, British evangelist
Michael Rooker, American actor
Michael Schumacher, German racing driver
Michael Scott, Irish author
Michael Anthony Strahan, American NFL football player and talk show host
Michael Dwayne Vick, American NFL football player
Michael McDonald, American singer of The Doobie Brothers
Michael Mackintosh Foot, British MP
Michael Andrew Foster Jude Kerr, 13th Marquess of Lothian, Baron Kerr of Monteviot, British MP
Michael Terry Weiss, American actor
Michael Austin Cera, American actor
(John) Michael Stipe, lead singer of American band R.E.M.
Michael Anthony Beach, American actor
Michael Ian Black, American actor/comedian
Michael Willy Schenker, German guitarist of band UFO
Michael James Owen, English footballer
Michael Medved, American radio host
Michael Donald Kirby, former Australian High Court justice
Michael Leonard Brecker, American jazz saxophonist
Michael Rex Giles, drummer of English band King Crimson
Michael Laudrup, Danish footballer
Michael Grant, American novelist
(George) Michael Sinclair Kennedy, English biographer and music critic
Michael Ryan Pritchard, birth name of Mike Dirnt, bassist for American band Green DayDa
Michael James "Mikey" Way, bassist for American rock band My Chemical Romance
Michael Gordon Clifford, musician of Australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer
Michael Raymond-James, American actor
Michael Whitaker Smith, American Christian Musician
Michael Stevens, American vlogger & creator of science channel brand Vsauce
Michael Daniel Higgins, 9th President of Ireland
Michael Parsons, American ice dancer
Michael Jung, German horse rider
Michael Dorn, American actor and voice artist
Michael Richards, American actor, writer, television producer and comedian
Michael Bay, American filmmaker
Michael Chertoff, 2nd United States Secretary of Homeland Security
Michael Buffer, American ring announcer for boxing and proffesional wrestling
Michael Zazarino, actor
Johann Michael Haydn, Austrian composer
Michael "Mike" Christopher Fuentes, drummer of band Pierce the Veil
Michael Bakari Jordan, American actor
Michael Robert Wahlberg, son of American actor Mark Wahlberg
Michael Richard Wayans, son of actor Damon Wayans
Michael James Duggar (b. 2011), son of reality TV personalities Josh and Anna Duggar
Michael "Mike" Shinoda, of band Linkin Park
Michael Kucharski, Australian YouTuber, also known as Slazo
Michael "Mike" Zapcic, star of AMC's Comic Book Men
Michael Campion, American actor

Pop Culture References for the name Michael

Michael Corleone, main character in "The Godfather" trilogy
Michael Langdon, character in "American Horror Story"
Ponyboy Michael Curtis, main character in S.E. Hinton's "The Outsiders"
Michael "Mike" Wazowski, main character in Pixar's "Monsters, Inc."
Michael Scott, character on American TV's version of "The Office"
Michael Bluth, character on TV's "Arrested Development"
Michael Kelso, character on TV's "That '70s Show"
Michael Weaver, character in Myra McEntire's Hourglass series
Michael Samuelle, character on TV's "La Femme Nikita"
Michael James "Mike" Ross, character on TV's "Suits"
Michael gray, character on bbc’s Peaky blinders
Michael Glass, character in "Morganville Vampires" series
Michael Aaron "Mike" Seaver, character on TV's "Growing Pains"
Michael Scofield, main character on TV's "Prison Break"
Michael Vaughn, character on TV's "Alias" played by Michael Vartan
Michael Moscovitz, character in "The Princess Diaries" series
Michael De Santa, character in video game "Grand Theft Auto 5"
Michael J. Caboose, character in web series "Red vs Blue"
Michael, archangel on TV's "Supernatural"
Michael Hobbs, character in movie "Elf"
Michael Roberts, character in movie "Small Island"
Michael Tietjens, character in movie "Parade's End"
Michael Newman, character in movie "Click"
Michael Edward Moon, character on British soap "EastEnders"
Michael Dawson, character on TV's "Lost"
Michael Zhang, character in video game "The Sims"
Michael Bachelor, character in video game "The Sims"
Michael McCarthy, character in video game "The Sims"
Michael "Mick" Taylor, character in "Wolf Creek"
Michael Vey, main character Richard Paul Evans' book series
Michael Becket, character in the video game series "F.E.A.R."
Michael "Mike" Rollins / Steel, character in the book "After the Hole" and it's film adaptation "The Hole"
Michael Corinthos III, character on soap "General Hospital"
Michael Myers, main character in the "Halloween" movie series
Michael, character in Barney's Backyard Gang
Michael "Mike" Munroe, character in video game "Until Dawn"
Michael Jon Carter aka Booster Gold, character in DC Unierse
Michael Patterson, character in comic strip "For Better or for Worse"
Michael "Mike" Wheeler, character in "Stranger Things"
Michael Deets, character in "South Park"
Michael, character in "South Park"
"Michael," movie about the angel starring John Travolta
"Michael, Row the Boat Ashore," gospel song
"Michael," song by Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand

Mikkeli, Mikey, Mike, Micko, Micky, Micael, Mitchel, Mitch, Mitchell, Mickie


April Ludgate Says:


I like this name but it's so popular.

Miriam2468 Says:


I have brother named this, and I have met sooo many people named Michael I don't think I would ever use it, even if it wasn't my brother's name.

Alaina Says:


This is my brother's middle name. It suits his first name and his middle really well! His full name is Evan Michael!

Myanover Says:


It is a good name

LV51sfan91 Says:


Everything you'd want in a boy name! Sweet as a whole and the strong masculine nickname Mike for when he grows up!

Jillian_RAV Says:


The German pronunciation (MYK-I-EL) is lovely imo.

hermioneameliastyles Says:


Growing up I knew so many Michaels that some of them had to go by their last name. I would probably use this name as a middle name for Ashton. Also I definitely think this name suits Michael Clifford very well.

shelbynh Says:


I don't think Michael will ever go out of style. Strong, handsome name.

LostKid Says:


It's so common we had to start calling the Michaels at my school by their last names.

hufflepuff Says:


Widely used or not, I will always feel this is the most beautiful name for a male. In the Bible, Michael is the commander of all of Heaven's armies of angels. It's so powerful and ethereal.

princessmadison Says:


I used to be in love with this name but for some reason im starting to hate it. This name is so overused! Everyone knows a Michael!

Momof2Davisgirls Says:


There are sooooo many Michael! But like the name.

katycats Says:


Michael is lovely name name and very handsome is one of my favorite boys name :) is very handsome.

michele_helen Says:


thank you for adding the ' ? ' mark to the end. it is important... now if someone would do this for the feminine form of michael, with one ' L, ' i would truly appreciate it !


Addie88 Says:


It's refreshing to meet young Michaels. I don't pretend to think this is the most interesting name, and I didn't used to like it, but it's growing on me.

Leah3456 Says:


I know so many men with this name.

madison786 Says:


This is is my ONLY guy best friends name. He's extremely nice and kind! The Michaels that I know are always so postive, helpful, crazy, funny, and generous, weird, and talkative! Having a guy friend named Michael is extremely fun and I hope to have a son named Michael!

jasminegarden Says:


Lovely :)

hemmoxlarry Says:



zzyzx Says:


sorry :(

zzyzx Says:


i think we have reached a conclusion :)

faithnamer Says:



orphanedhanyou Says:


Mikha'el is the Hebrew, it originally sounded more like Raphael. both are archangels and Hebrew. Not that I think we need to stop pronouncing Michael the 'normal' way but there is a history there.

Guest Says:



orphanedhanyou Says:


Mikha'el is the Hebrew, it originally sounded more like Raphael than you think, both are archangels and Hebrew. Not that I think we need to stop pronouncing Michael the 'normal' way

Guest Says:


Raphael is definitely Hebrew, I was giving the authentic Hebrew pronunciation of Michael.

zzyzx Says:


No it shouldn`t. They come from two different languages.(hebrew and spanish).

charlotteblu Says:


Well it's not.

Guest Says:


I'm petty sure Michael should really be Mee-kye-EL or mee-hye-EL like Raphael (same ending, different pronunciation?)