"honoring God"

Timothy Origin and Meaning

The name Timothy is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "honoring God".

A second-tier classic, the New Testament Timothy moves in and out of fashion more than John and James. But though it peaked in the 1960s, many modern parents still appreciate its familiarity and lively rhythm. And the short form Tim feels eternally boyish.

Saint Timothy, born of a Jewish mother and a Greek father, was Saint Paul's companion, which might make the two appropriate and compatible twin names. Timothy was well used among early Christians but not popular in the English-speaking world until the eighteenth century. In the U.S., Timothy was just outside the Top 10 in the 1960s and stayed in the Top 100 until 2008.

In literature, there is the unforgettable Timothy Cratchit, aka Tiny Tim. In real life, there are director Tim Burton and several well-known actors, as well as a slew of star athletes.

Timothy also qualifies as a botanical name thanks to Timothy grass sometimes known simply as Timothy, which resembles cat's-tail and is used as cattle feed.

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Timothy Popularity

Famous People Named Timothy

  • Saint Timothybishop of Ephesus
  • Timothy IIII of Alexandria, popes
  • Timothy James 'Tim' CurryEnglish actor and singer
  • Timothy David OlyphantAmerican actor
  • Timothy Richard "Tim" TebowAmerican football player
  • Timothy Michael "Tim" KaineAmerican politician; governor of Virginia
  • Timothy Peter DaltonWelsh actor
  • Timothy Lancaster WestEnglish actor
  • Timothy Francis LearyAmerican psychologist and LSD advocate
  • Timothy Tarquin HuttonAmerican actor
  • Timothy Leonard SpallEnglish actor
  • Timothy Michael OmundsonAmerican actor
  • Timothy Alan Dickbirth name of American actor Tim Allen
  • Timothy Leroy "Tim" LincecumAmerican baseball pitcher
  • Timothy Bruce Schmitbassist for American bands Poco and The Eagles
  • Timothy Franz Geithnerformer U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
  • Timothy ZahnAmerican science fiction novelist
  • Timothy John "Tim" BernersLee, English inventor of the World Wide Web
  • Timothy BusfieldAmerican actor
  • Timothy James BottomsAmerican actor
  • Timothy Dingwall BatesonEnglish actor
  • Timothy INestorian patriarch of the Church of the East
  • Timothy Michael "Tim" HealyIrish politician
  • Timothy F. "Tim" LaHayeAmerican Christian novelist
  • Timothy Perry ShriverAmerican Special Olympics chairman
  • Benedict Timothy Carlton CumberbatchEnglish actor
  • Timothy Mark Pimentel Eigenmannbirth name of Sid Lucero, Filipino actor
  • Timothy Kane "Tim" SheehyAmerican ice hockey player
  • Timothy Alan Davan SainsburyEnglish businessman and politician
  • Timothy Richard 'Tim' HeideckerAmerican comedian known for comedy duo "Tim and Eric"
  • Timothy Matthew Howard “Tim”American soccer player
  • Timothy Melia “Tim”American soccer player

Timothy in Pop Culture

  • 1 & 2 Timothyepistles in the New Testament
  • Timothy "Timmy" Turnermain character of animated series "Fairly Odd Parents"
  • "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" 2012 movie and main character
  • Timothymain character in "The Cay" by Theodore Taylor
  • Timothy McGeecharacter from TV show "NCIS"
  • "Timothy Goes to School" animated series about a raccoon
  • Timothy Q. Mousecharacter in Disney's "Dumbo"
  • Timothy Lovejoyreverend on TV's "The Simpsons"
  • Timothytank engine on animated series "Thomas & Friends"
  • "Timothy" song by The Buoys
  • Timothy's World CoffeeCanadian chain
  • Timothycommon species of grass
  • Timothy Jackson "Tim" Drakeformerly known as Robin, sidekick DC Comic's Batman, currently known as Red Robin
  • Timothycharacter in The Fosters
  • Timothy Kreidercharacter in the webcomic "Riverside Extras" by Miri Chamberlain
  • Timothy "Tim" Rigginscharacter in Friday Night Lights
  • Timothy Wrightfull name of Masky from Marble Hornets
  • Timothy "Tim" Stokerbisexual icon on "The Magnus Archives"