Boy Names That Start With W

Boy Names That Start With W

Boy names that start with W were the second most popular category until the 1910s, largely thanks to royal William’s 40-year reign as the Number 2 name. And timeless classic William still ranks among the Top 5 boy names in the US.

Along with William, W boy names ranked among the Top 300 boy names in the US include Wyatt, Weston, Wesley, Waylon, and Walker.

A little further down the list, cool vintage W names for boys are making a quiet comeback. Distinguished vintage gem Walter has been rising recently in the popularity charts, after unlikely anti-hero Walter White exploded onto our screens. Along with Walter, Winston and Wallace are two other handsome, old-fashioned W names for boys which rank in the US Top 1000.

And in England and Wales, even fustier vintage picks like Wilfred and Wilbur are newly fashionable: both rank in the Top 600 baby boy names.

Riding the W wave are a whole new breed of W-starting boy baby names with a decidedly tougher, edgier image: from Wade and Wilder to Wesson and Wolf.

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