Boy Names That Start With G

Boy Names That Start With G

Boy names that start with G got a high-profile boost back in 2013 with the birth of the future British monarch, Prince George, boosting George into England's Top 10 baby names for boys.

Along with George, other G-starting names for boys in the US Top 200 include Gabriel, Gavin, Giovanni, Gael, and two spellings of Grayson. In Italy, G-starting Italian versions of many classic names still rank among the Top 50: Giuseppe, Giulio, Giacomo, Gioele, and Giorgio.

Watch out for other fresh G names for boys powering their way up the charts, from Griffin and Gideon to Gus and Grey. G-starting boys' names are also a rich category for adventurous parents looking for a unique name that's ahead of the curve: How about Grover, Gordon, or even Gilbert for your little guy?

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