Boy Names That Start With V

Boy Names That Start With V

Boy names that start with V have shown remarkable consistency for the past century, with timeless traditionals Victor and Vincent never out of the Top 200 — but never in the Top 50 either.

Along with Victor and Vincent, other cool V boy names in the US Top 1000 include Valentino, Vihaan, Vincenzo and Van. In the UK, exotic V-starting options like Vivaan, Vladimir and Viktor join retro nickname names Vinnie and Vinny in the Top 1000.

The vivacious V sound is red-hot in baby names right now: think Avery and Ava, Everett and Everly, Oliver and Olivia. V boy names have a special verve and vibrancy which sets them apart from the pack: unusual choices we love include Viggo, Valor, Virgil, and Vito.

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