Boy Names That Start With X

Boy Names That Start With X

Boy names that start with X are the ultimate choice if you’re looking for a name that has the X factor — quite literally! X marks the spot in some of the hottest boys’ names of the moment: from Maxwell to Maddox and from Huxley to Hendrix. So why not choose an X-starting boy name and put that extravagant X initial squarely up front?

Along with Maxwell and Maddox, popular names for boys which contain the letter X include Jaxon and its variants, Axel, Paxton, Maximus, and Knox — all in the Top 250 baby names for boys in the US. In the UK, x-ending names for boys are particularly popular, such as Max, Alex, Felix. and Rex.

But if you're looking for boy names that begin with X, you’d be surprised at how many wearable options there are beyond Xavier and Xander. How about Xavi, Xen, or even Xerxes?

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