Boy Names That Start With R

Boy Names That Start With R

Boy names that start with R are led today by modern classics Ryan and Roman, which along with classic Robert rank in the Top 100 baby names for boys in the US.

Along with Ryan and Roman, R-starting names for boys which make the Top 250 include Ryker, Ryder, Rowan, River, Remington, Riley and Rhett.

And across the pond, the Brits are crazy for baby boy names starting with R! The England and Wales Top 200 names for boys includes a wealth of unique R-starting boy names, such as Reuben, Reggie, Rory, Ronnie, Ralph, Rupert, Rex, Rocco and Rhys.

In France, Raphaël, Robin and Rayan all rank in the Top 100, while in Finland Rasmus and Roope are both in the Top 50.

Famous R-starting couple Rose Byrne and Robert "Bobby" Cannavale recently chose a second rollicking R name for baby boy #2: Rafa, a brother for Rocco. And filmmaker Robert Rodriguez passed his R initial down to all four of his sons: Rocket, Racer, Rebel, and Rogue.

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