Boy Names That Start With A

Boy Names That Start With A

Boy names that start with A are led by the classic name Alexander, which makes the US Top 10. A is the second most common initial for baby boy names, following J. A is the most popular initial for baby girl names.

Along with Alexander, other boy names starting with A in the US Top 300 include Aiden, Adriel, Axel, Abel, August, Arlo, Atticus, and Atlas. In the UK, popular boy names beginning with A include Arthur, Archie, and Alfie, all of which are on the rise in the US.

Many rising boy names beginning with A have international origins, such as the Sanskrit Aarav and Arjun, Scandinavian Anders, and Scottish Alistair. Unique A names for boys we have our eye on include the biblical Azriel, surname names Arden and Auden, and soft-but-masculine choices Ansel and Ames.

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