Popular Names in New Hampshire

Popular names in New Hampshire in 2020 are led by Charlotte and Lucas. Charlotte and Lucas are among the most popular baby names USA, but New Hampshire is the only state with this combination of top names. Across the US as a whole, Charlotte ranks at Number 4, and Lucas ranks at Number 8.

Many of New Hampshire's Top 10 baby names rank lower on the national charts. Madison and Abigail are favorites for girls in the Granite State, and Owen, Jack, Jackson, Levi, and Theodore are more popular than average for boys. Owen ranks at Number 3 in New Hampshire and Vermont, higher than in any other state.

New Hampshire has the largest proportion of Irish residents in the US, so it's no surprise that Irish names feature strongly on its popularity charts. Irish baby names that are more common than average in New Hampshire include Maeve, Lennon, Delaney, and Teagan for girls, Ronan, Killian, Finnegan, and Callan for boys, and Finley for both sexes.

Names from nearby isles are also trending in New Hampshire, such as girl names Fiona, Morgan, and Maisie, and boy names Colby, Callum, and Camden.

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