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Triana Origin and Meaning

The name Triana is a girl's name .

Triana is a Top 50 girls' name in Spain largely unknown and unused in the US: Only 10 baby girls in the US were given the name in 2017. Also a surname, Triana is the name of a distinctive neighborhood of Seville that's known for being home to artists, flamenco dancers, and bullfighters. Its name comes from the Roman emperor Trajan, which means "three rivers". Some sources list Triana as a short form of Katherine, a variation of Trina, and you can use it that way to honor an ancestral Katherine.

Triana Popularity

Famous People Named Triana

  • Triana IglesiasNorwegian model

Triana in Pop Culture

  • Triana Orpheuscharacter in animated series "The Venture Bros."