Diminutive of Alexander, Alexis
"defending men"

Alex Origin and Meaning

The name Alex is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "defending men".

The independent Alex has become a classic in its own right. One of the truest unisex names, Alex is used almost equally for both sexes. Alex is used both on its own and as a short form of formal names of both genders, such as Alexander, Alexandra, and Alexis.

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Alex Popularity

Famous People Named Alex

  • Alex O'LoughlinAustralian actor
  • Alexander "Alex" RodriguezAmerican baseball player
  • Alexander "Alex" SmithAmerican football player
  • Alex Daymusician, vlogger, and entertainer
  • Alex PettyferEnglish actor.
  • Alex Turnervocalist of Arctic Monkeys
  • Alex Honnoldfree soloist in rock climbing
  • Alexander "Alex" Gaskarthlead singer and guitarist of American pop,punk band All Time Low
  • Alex Leeaka Alex from Target, popular internet meme
  • Alexander Vail "Alex" EcksteinAmerican child actor (identical triplet brother of Ben & Caleb)
  • Alex BrightmanAmerican theatre actor
  • Alex ShibutaniAmerican ice dancer
  • Alex KinsleyAmerican singer of duo "Alex & Sierra"
  • Alex TerranovaAmerican YouTuber of duo "Sierra and Alex"
  • Alex JohnsonAmerican musician of rock band "The Cab"
  • Alex LangeAmerican YouTuber
  • Alex SmithBritish YouTuber, member of HATfilms
  • Alex CarterCanadian actor
  • Alex Høgh AndersenDanish actor
  • Alex KapranosEnglish vocalist and guitarist of rock band "Franz Ferdinand"

Alex in Pop Culture

  • Alex Karevmedical staff from "Greys Anatomy"
  • Alex Riderteen spy from the "Alex Rider" adventure book series and movie "Storm Breaker"
  • Alexprotagonist in 'A Clockwork Orange"
  • Alex Sheathescharacter from "Delirium" trilogy
  • Alex Krychekcharacter from TV series "The X Files"
  • Alex Stewartcharacter from movie "Love, Rosie" played by Sam Claflin
  • Alex Louis Armstrongcharacter in manga/anime, 'Fullmetal Alchemist'
  • Alex Stowecharacter in the book series, The Unwanteds
  • Alex Santiagocharacter on TV's "Pretty Little Liars"
  • Alex Leonicharacter on TV's "Alex & Co."
  • Alex aka "Razor"a character from "The 5th Wave" book series by Rick Yancey
  • Alistair "Alex" Turner"London Spy"
  • Alex Roverfictional male character from "Nim's Island"
  • Alex Fierrogender,fluid character in Rick Riordan's Magnus Chase series
  • Alex Noathe protagonist of the game Lunar: The Silver Star
  • Alex Millercharacter of the movie "Don't Breathe"
  • Alex Wildercharacter in Marvel's Runaway comics
  • "Alex & Sierra"American pop duo
  • Alex Woodscharacter from Netflix's "Greenhouse Academy"
  • Alejandro "Alex" Fuentesmain character of Simone Elkeles's "Perfect Chemistry"

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