Spanish, Catalan, Russian, Polish variation of Ariadne, Greek
"most holy"

Ariadna Origin and Meaning

The name Ariadna is a girl's name meaning "most holy".

A romantic take on Ariadne, who in Greek mythology was the daughter of King Minos of Crete. She saw over the labyrinth, where she later helped Theseus defeat the Minotaur.

Ariadna is one of the most popular names in Spain.

Ariadna Popularity

Famous People Named Ariadna

  • Ariadna Aleksandrovna ScriabinaRussian poet and member of the French Resistance
  • Ariadna María GutiérrezMiss Colombia 2014
  • Ariadna GilSpanish actress
  • Ariadna Vladimirovna TyrkovaWilliams, Russian politician, journalist, feminist
  • Ariadna Rosa WelterMexican actress
  • Ariadna CabrolSpanish actress
  • Ariadna RomeroCuban,Italian actress
  • (Ariadna) Thalía Sodi MirandaMexican pop singer and actress

Ariadna in Pop Culture

  • Ariadna Kotlovichtitle character in "Ariadne" by Anton Chekhov