"shining hostage"

Malo Origin and Meaning

The name Malo is a boy's name of Breton origin meaning "shining hostage".

Malo, the name of an important sixth century Breton saint who founded St. Malo, the charming port town in Brittany -- is considered quite au courant in France right now, ranking firmly in the Top 100.

Saint Malo of Aleth, a patron saint of lost items, was consecrated the first Bishop of Aleth. He was also known as Maclou, Maclovius and, in Italian, Macuto. Malo is worth thinking about as a highly unusual alternative to Milo.

Malo Popularity

Famous People Named Malo

  • Saint Malo of AlethWelsh,born founding saint of Brittany, France

Malo in Pop Culture

  • Malogod of the Torres Strait Islands
  • Malo de Vignycharacter in the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • Malocharacter in the Legend of Zelda video games
  • SaintMalo, France
  • Malo means 'bad' in Spanish
  • Malofemale trial captain in Pokémon Sun and Moon