English diminutive of Alana
"rock or handsome"

Lana Origin and Meaning

The name Lana is a girl's name meaning "rock or handsome".

Popularized in the 1940s by Lana (born Judy) Turner, today Lana is synonymous with American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey. Although it has been rising steadily since the early 2000s, Lana still sits in the popularity "sweet spot" – familiar, but not overused. Simple, sleek and seamlessly international, it makes a great choice.

# 416 in the US

Lana Rank in US Top 1000

# 524 on Nameberry

Lana Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Lana Popularity

Famous People Named Lana

  • Lana Del Rey (born Elizabeth "Lizzy" Grant)American singer,songwriter
  • Averil Maureen Anita "Lana" MorrisEnglish actress
  • Julia Jean "Lana" TurnerAmerican actress
  • Lana Michelle Moorer aka MC LyteAmerican rapper
  • Lana Maria ParillaAmerican actress
  • Lanaring name of Catherine Joy "C.J." Perry, American pro wrestler, she is also called the "Ravishing Russian"
  • Lana Wood (born Svetlana Gurdin)American actress
  • Lana Jean ClarksonAmerican actress and model
  • Lana Wachowski (born Laurence "Larry" Wachowski)American film director
  • Lana JurčevićCroatian singer,songwriter
  • Lana TrotovšekSlovenian violinist
  • Lana WolfDutch pop singer
  • Lana ObadMiss Croatia 2010
  • Lana Therese Condor (born Tran Dong Lan)Vietnamese,American actress
  • Lana Nelsondaughter of singer Willie Nelson
  • Lana Rockwell (b. 2003)daughter of actress Karyn Parsons and director Alexandre Rockwell
  • Lana Lourdes Rupić (b. 2006)son of actor Goran Višnjić and Mirela Rupić
  • Lana Westermann (b. 2008)daughter of footballer Heiko Westermann
  • Lana Elise Gommans (b. 2015)daughter of musicians Sander Gommans and Amanda Somerville
  • Lana KendrickGerman Glamour Model, (b. 1990)

Lana in Pop Culture

  • Lana Langcharacter in the Superman series
  • Lana Skyecharacter in video game 'Ace Attorney'
  • Lana Arwen Lazarcharacter in Michael Grant's Gone series
  • Lana "Lana Banana" Winterscharacter on TV's "American Horror Story: Asylum"
  • Lanaa character in the Princess Diaries series
  • LanaCharacter on TV's "Switched at Birth"
  • Lana Kanecharacter on TV's "Archer"
  • Lanacharacter in film "Risky Business"
  • Lanacharacter in Rebecca Stead's "First Light"
  • Lana Willischaracter in Becka Montana's "Queue"
  • Lana Loudcharacter on animated series "The Loud House"
  • LanaWater,type Trial Captain of Akala Island in Pokemon Sun and Moon
  • Lana Benikocharacter in the video game "Star Wars: The Old Republic"
  • Lana Blakecharacter in the video game "Starbound"