Greek variation of August
"great, magnificent"

Augustin Origin and Meaning

The name Augustin is a boy's name of Greek origin.

This form and its German variant Augusten are moving up fast as the preferred long forms of the trendy Gus.

# 934 in the US

Augustin Rank in US Top 1000

Augustin Popularity

Famous People Named Augustin

  • Augustin Pyramus de CandolleSwiss botanist
  • AugustinLouis Cauchy, French mathematician
  • AugustinJean Fresnel, French engineer and physicist
  • Augustin DalyAmerican theater director
  • Augustin James Evangelista (b. 2006)son of Canadian model Linda Evangelista
  • Augustin QuérénetOnfroy de Breville (b. 2013), son of Princess Caroline Napoléon of France

Augustin in Pop Culture

  • English: ahGUST,in, French: oh,GOOS,tan {sans n}