French and German form of Matthias or Matthew
"gift of God"

Mathis Origin and Meaning

The name Mathis is a boy's name of German origin meaning "gift of God".

Very popular in France and Belgium, this name -- pronounced mat-tees, like the surname of the painter Matisse -- might make an appealing new way to say Matthew here.

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Mathis Popularity

Famous People Named Mathis

  • Mathis BollyNorwegian,Ivorian footballer
  • Mathis OlimbNorwegian ice hockey player
  • Mathis KünzlerSwiss actor
  • Mathis MathisenNorwegian novelist
  • Mathis MootzGerman electronic musician and DJ
  • Mathis Rougerie (b. 2007)son of Aurélien Rougerie
  • Shawn Mathis WayansAmerican actor/comedian
  • Johnny MathisAmerican singer
  • Greg MathisAmerican TV judge

Mathis in Pop Culture

  • Mathis der Maleropera by Paul Hindemith based on painter Matthias Grünewald
  • Mattees is the French pronunciation, the German pronunciation is said more like Math,Iss.