French Names for Boys

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French names for boys include some classics that have become widely popular, most notably Charles, Louis, and Dennis.
Along with these traditional choices, the French boys' names on the US Top 1000 are Andre, Beau, Blaise, Bruce, Chance, Chase, Curtis, Darrell, Denver, Dion, Josue, Remy, and Royal.Unique French boy names attracting fresh attention in the US include Dion, Emilien, Florent, Jules, Lionel, Montague, Pom, and Quincy.

In France, the top boy names are Leo, Gabriel, and the English Tom (yes, Tom) for boys.French boy names most popular in France include Jules and Corentin.Most popular boy names in other French-speaking countries are a mix of French and non-French choices.Louis and Jules are the only French names among Belgium's Top 10 names for boys, which is led by the Irish Liam, the Biblical Hebrew Adam, and the Celtic Arthur.Among French-speaking Swiss parents, Gabriel is the Number 1 boy name, with Louis the only French boys' name in the Top 10.And in French Quebec, Olivier and Antoine are the most popular French boy names.

Browse our complete collection of French boys' names here.The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are ordered by popularity.Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.

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Top French Names for Boys

  • Charles

    Charles derives from the Germanic name Karl, meaning "man" or "freeman", and is a royal name in multiple European countries. A famous early bearer is Charlemagne, King of the Franks and Lombards... Read More 

  • Luis

    Luis has long been one of the most popular Hispanic names in America -- it was in the Top 100 every year from 1980 to 2014, though it's dropped a bit in popularity. It's familiar, yet would add an... Read More 

  • Chase

    Chase, with its sleek and ultraprosperous aura, is redolent of the worlds of high finance and international banking. Chase has been well used during the last few decades, seen as a character on... Read More 

  • Beau

    Beau suggests someone devilishly handsome, with a large measure of southern charm—a nice image to bestow on your boy. Often solely a nickname in the past, it's now standing firmly on its own. Beau... Read More 

  • Louis

    Kate and William shocked the world when they announced that they'd named their third child Louis -- Prince Louis Arthur Charles, to be more precise. But we've been predicting a comeback for this... Read More 

  • Josue

    This variation of Joshua is rising in popularity.Read More 

  • Chance

    Once a cavalier Mississippi gambler type name, Chance has entered the mainstream since being endorsed by such celebrity dads as Larry King and Paul Hogan. Chance the Rapper has also boosted the... Read More 

  • Andre

    One international form that's been familiar in the English-speaking world for decades. Read More 

  • Travis

    Has a laid-back rural feel some would associate with country singer Travis Tritt; Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon chose it for their son. Travis Scott, born Jacques Webster Jr., a popular rap... Read More 

  • Warren

    Long lingering in limbo, Warren suddenly seems to be on the cusp of revival. One of the oldest recorded English surnames, Warren's popularity in the U.S. dates back to the nineteenth century, and... Read More