French, diminutive of Marie

Manon Origin and Meaning

The name Manon is a girl's name of French origin meaning "bitter".

Manon is an endearing French pet name for Marie or Marianne; it has the international yet straightforward feel that makes it a viable import. Manon of the Spring was a gorgeous French film, Manon Lescaut a 1731 novel by Abbe Prevost, set in France and Louisiana, that was controversial in its day. It formed the basis of operas by Puccini and Massenet, and several films and TV series.

Manon is currently a Top 50 name in France and Belgium, and is also relatively common among Welsh speakers. British actors Damian Lewis, of Homeland and Helen McCrory have a daughter named Manon.

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Manon Popularity

Famous People Named Manon

  • MarieJeanne Phlippon "Manon" Roland, French revolutionary
  • Manon BallettiItalian lover of Casanova
  • (Alma) Manon GropiusAustrian artists' muse
  • Manon Maria BollegrafDutch tennis player
  • Manon PerreaultCanadian MP
  • Hermanna "Manon" FokkeDutch MP
  • Gabriëlla Maria "Manon" MelisDutch footballer
  • Manon RheaumeCanadian ice hockey player; first and only woman to play in a National Hockey League exhibition game
  • Manon MathewsAmerican comedienne
  • Manon Smith (b. 1996)daughter of drummer Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Manon Llodra (b. 2004)daughter of tennis player Michael Llodra
  • Manon Lewis (b. 2006)daughter of actors Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory
  • Manon Bousquet (b. 2010)daughter of French swimmers Laure Manaudou and Frederick Bousquet
  • Manon Von GerkanGerman fashion model
  • Manon on the Great British Bake Off

Manon in Pop Culture

  • Manonin "Jean de Florette" and "Manon des Sources"
  • "Manon Lescaut" short novel by Antoine François Prevost and opera by Giacomo Puccini
  • "Manon"a Ballet
  • Manon Blackbeakfrom the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas
  • "Manon of the Spring" 1986 French,language film
  • Manonfrom the TV show "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir"