Popular English Girl Names

English names, meaning names that originate in the English language, sometimes get overlooked because we tend to think of all names used by English speakers as English names. But of course, many of the names we consider English are actually Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and so on. So then which names for girls truly might be considered English, and which of those English girls' names are most popular?

The most common truly English girl name is Harper. Along with Harper, other English girl names in the US Top 50 include Evelyn, Scarlett, Madison, Hazel, Lily, Everly, Aubrey, Willow, and Addison. Many nature names for girls are authentically English, such as Marigold, River, Wren, and Clover.

Not all of the English names for girls listed here are currently common, but these are some of the best-known girl names with authentic English roots.

Popular English Baby Names for Girls
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