Unique Vintage Baby Names for Girls

Unique names don't have to be new and invented: They can also be vintage names revived from either the near or distant past.

Unique vintage girl names on their way back into style include Sybil, Isadora, Cordelia, and Olympia. Names such as Lois, Polly, Constance, and Wilhelmina are attracting attention among the hipsters and the tastemakers, but still have a generation or two to go before they will be seen as fashionable among the mainstream.

These unique vintage baby names for girls all lie outside the Top 1000 but have deep roots and rich histories. In case you're wondering how unique is unique, these names were given to 250 or fewer girls in the US last year. Check current statistics to make sure the name you like hasn't hopped back on the list.

Unique Vintage Girl Names
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