"strength, powerful, courageous"

Oz Origin and Meaning

The name Oz is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "strength, powerful, courageous".

This may be a legitimate Hebrew name denoting power, but to any American kid, it will evoke ruby slippers and a yellow brick road. The full Hebrew name is Ozni, who was a grandson of Jacob in the Bible.

As full names such as Ozias, Osgood, and Osmond start to sound more cool and less grandpa, the short form Oz will feel like a more modern possibility.

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Famous People Named Oz

  • Öz Beg Khan (1282–1341)longest,reigning khan of the Golden Horde
  • Oz Almog (born 1956)Israeli–Austrian artist
  • Oz Ifrah (born 1982)Israeli football player
  • Oz Peretz (born 1994)Israeli footballer
  • Oz Raly (born 1987)Israeli footballer
  • Osman "Oz" Bengur (born 1949)American investment banker and politician
  • Richard "Oz" Griebel (born 1949)American banker, lawyer and politician
  • Osgood Robert "Oz" Perkins (born 1974)American actor
  • Osborne "Oz" Scott (born 1949)American director and television producer
  • Oz Foxstage name of musician Richard Alfonso Martinez of band Stryper
  • Mehmet OzAmerican surgeon, author, and talk show host
  • Frank OzAmerican Muppeteer and actor

Oz in Pop Culture

  • Oscar Diggs "Oz"a supposed wizard from The Wizard Of Oz
  • "Oz" a television show about a prison
  • Daniel "Oz" Osbornecharacter on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Oz Vessalius/Bezariusmain character of the anime/manga Pandora Hearts
  • Oz (Ozymandias)character in "When the Wind Blows"
  • Ozcharacter in manga "One Piece"
  • Leonard "Oz" Osbournea Geordie bricklayer in British TV series "Auf Wiedersehen, Pet"
  • Nicholas "Oz" Oseranskya character in film "The Whole Nine Yards"
  • Oza playable character in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Exo Zombies mode
  • Ozcharacter in TV series, "Canimals"
  • Oz / Yellowcharacter in "Monster Prom"

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