The Most Popular Baby Names of 2018

By Jeff Bogle

The first half of 2018 has been an exciting and adventurous one for new baby names, as parents everywhere are looking to their pantries, driveways and TV screens for help deciding what to call their precious newborns.
Thanks to a shady back room deal (not really), I have procured a list of widely-used 2018 baby names from the Social Security Administration.

Here are a dozen of the most popular so far, right now, in 2018!

Whit, Carter, & Oren

In 2018, Dad Bloggers Whit, Carter, and Oren are stars of stage and screen, and as such, a trio of the most successful bloggers are seeing their first names become runaway hits with new parents who first learned about the joys and heartaches of parenthood from their blogs. *Jeff Bogle is an at-home dad who writes humorously about parenting and All Things Childhood: music, books, toys, gaming, & culture on his site Out With The Kids. His work also frequently appears on The Huffington Post and The Good Men Project, among other print and online outlets. Connect with Jeff using social media: Facebook + Twitter + Pinterest

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