English word name
"adherence to the facts"

Honesty Origin and Meaning

The name Honesty is a girl's name meaning "adherence to the facts".

Honesty is one of the modern virtue names, which along with Justice and Destiny are picking up where Faith, Hope, and Charity left off. Is Honesty the most appealing name ever? No, and it's also sure to spark lots of tiresome jokes. Still, Honesty is a positive quality and a lot more appealing than negative word names such as Pistol and Rehab (which both, yes, were given to five baby girls in the US last year).

Honesty is now ranking right below the Top 1000, with 233 baby girls given the name in the US in 2015. We predict that it will climb along with its meritorious sisters and brothers.

Honesty Popularity

Honesty in Pop Culture

  • Honesty (Lunaria annua)purple flowering plant native to south,east Asia.