New Baby Names: First babyberry Quarterly Report of 2013

April 1, 2013 Linda Rosenkrantz

Here they are–the newest berrybaby names from January, February and March–and they’re better than ever!

Every three months, when we prepare these quarterly reports, we’re knocked out by the endlessly creative variety of choices made (and I’m sure there are lots more that didn’t make it into the Birth Announcement Forum), the felicitous first and middle name combos and the great twin and other sibsets.

This time around there are reports of ten sets of twins:


Aria Violet and Harper Daisy

Lucille Violet and Coraline Hazel

Grace Vivian and Juliet Mae

Imogen Esteri and Phoebe Justine


Barron George and Kergan Henderson

Charles and Samuel


Felicity Eleanor and Ronan Elijah

Penelope Jane and Henry Frederick

Posey Louise and Harrison Clayton

Rosa Meredith and Thomas Percival


In terms of popularity, there were three Henrys and three Phoebes and two each of the following: Cora, Felicity, Francine, Ines, Juliet, Olive, Ruby, August, Beckett, Evander, Harrison, Henry, Oliver, Theodore and Thomas.

Most unusual first name— Bolt; Most unusual middle name–Risk

Most popular first initial for girls: A, for boys: B

And here’s the list:


Adelaide Waverly Evangeline, sister of Beckett Wyndham Kincaide

Annika Noel, sister of Merrick Thomas, Emilia Lorraine and Louise Rose

Arden Skye

Aria Violet, twin sister of Harper Daisy, and sister of Mason Everett and Brady Lucas

Ariadne Virgina

Arwen Louisa, sister of Benton Grover 

Ashling Cornelia Elizabeth, sister of Hannah Elizabeth and Seth Donovan

Audrey Grace

Beatrice Lucy, sister of Seraphina Audrey

Britton Noelle

Camille Ellen, sister of Lilah Maria

Caroline Paige, sister of Allison Jane

Cerys Eliza Rose, sister of Tristan Paul Robert

Clara Josephine, sister of Ethan

Cora Madeline

Cora Olive, sister of Milo Thomas (actually born in 2012)

Daphne June

Eliora Cosette

Eloise Martha, sister of Grace Patricia

Evangeline Celia, sister of Anabella Corrine

Evelina Lucia

Felicity Bridget Beatrice, sister of Agnes Eilish Madeline

Felicity Eleanor, twin sister of Ronan Elijah, sister of Brennan, Declan and Laurel

Francine Annika

Francine Olivia

Genevieve Rosalie, sister of Brigid Ceaira and Camilla Beatrice

Grace Vivian, twin sister of Juliet Mae

Gwyneth Teresa

Harper Daisy, twin sister of Aria Violet, and sister of Mason Everett and Brady Lucas

Harriet Mae

Imogen Esteri, twin sister of Phoebe Justine

Ines Eloise

Inés Magdalena

Ingrid Josephine, sister of Arwen and Emmett

Irie Wednesday, sister of Loki Slate

Iris Bradley

Isla Marie

Ivy Efthalia Marie, sister of Elias Peter (Eli)

January Lucia

Jeanette Susannah, sister of Asher Matthew and Bettina Skye

Juliet Alexander

Juliet Mae, twin sister of Grace Vivian

Larkin Hesper

Leonie Poet, sister of Sailor Jameson

Lila Katherine

Maeve Alice

Maren Louisa

Maude Clementine, sister of Lucah “LuluMadeline and Ruby Olivia

Molly Maeve Tuesday, sister of Sasha Elise

Natalya Claire

NinaRae Alica Hope

Nola Beth

Nora Madeline, sister of Maeve Camille, Oliver Jonah and Henry Rhys

Olive Evelyn

Olive Madeline, sister of Willa, Cora and Sybil

Phoebe Amaryllis

Phoebe Justine, twin sister of Imogen Esteri

Phoebe Louise

Posey Louise, twin sister of Harrison Clayton

Quinn Virginia

Ramona Vivien Lissah, sister of Tabitha Erin Minette, Mathilda Rowan Amina and Seth Atticus

Rosa Meredith, twin of Thomas Percival and sister of Lacey Morgana, Pearl Isolde and William Arthur

Rosalind Illyria Beatrice

Ruby Maeve, sister of Taylor Rose

Ruby Michelle, sister of Jackson Matthew and Charlotte Annabelle

Sloane Evangeline

Susanna Lake

Tabitha Sosie, sister of Emeric and Roisin

Thea Arwen Cecilia

Valentine Alta Louise, sister of Harmony Mae

Waverly Grace Ann

Willow Ivy, sister of  Halle BlossomEdie Zala and Lila Mary.

Wynne Waverly Manuela, sister of Shea Benjamin and Scout Scarlet


Adam Henry, brother of Daisy Hannah and Joel Matthew

Aden Gerard

Angus Clyde

Arthur Reddingbrother of Hazel Naomi

Asa Theodore

August Oliver, brother of Rylin, Winslet and Paisley

August Asher, brother of Adelaide Grace

Barrett Garland, brother of Gwyneth Susannah

Barron George, twin brother of Kergan Henderson

Beckett Mathias Lou

Beckett Risk

Bennett Orin, brother of Elizabeth and Audrey

Boden Wolf

Bolt Peter Layne, brother of Zadie Peach Farell and Kitty Saskia Starr

Bram Thomas

Cael Grey, brother of Eben Xavier and Bode Declan

Charles, twin brother of Samuel

Crosby Samuel, brother of Elliot Michael

Dean Richard

Desmond Jacob


Evander Williiam, brother of Declan Patrick and Emmett Josephine

Felix Tobias, brother of Sylvia Grace and Jasper William

Finn Parker, brother of Eden Rose and Zoe Elora

Fox Palmer

Frederik Carl, brother of Louisa

Gideon Michael, brother of Josie and Eliza

Griffin Henry, brother of Heidi Olivia and Rhys Owen

Hamish Patrick, brother of  Sophie Anne

Harrison Clayton, twin brother of Posey Louise

Harrison Westley, brother of Lillian Amelia and Sabrina Elaine

Henry Jon

Henry Parker

Henry Gabriel, brother of Agatha Arwen

Ivan Eli

Isaac Benjamin, brother of Audrey CeciliaJude AlexanderChristian NathanielViolet Annabelle, and Felicity Charlotte.

Jarvis Christopher, brother of Felix and Theodore

John Evelyn

Jonah Scott

Kergan Henderson, twin brother of Barron George

Lennox Ambrose, brother of Brecken Andrew

Luke Russell

Malcolm Arthur

Maxwell James, brother of Colin Douglas and Jacob David

Oliver Landon, brother of Taylor

Oliver Michael

Oskar John, brother of Mirian, Cowen, Emeline, Eli and Harriet

Parker Scott

Peregrine Jacob

Roman William Robert, brother of Moses and Violet

Ronan Elijah, twin of Felicity Eleanor, brother of Brennan, Declan and Laurel

Ryan Anthony

Samuel, twin brother of Charles

Silas Emmanuel

Theodore Flynn

Theodore Michael

Thomas Connor, brother of Caleb James and Noah Alexander

Thomas Percival, twin of Rosa Meredith and brother of Lacey Morgana, Pearl Isolde and William Arthur

Titus Andrew, brother of Ainslea Elenore

Tyne William Henry

Weston James

William North, brother of Oliver

Wolfgang Levi, brother of Sebastian Elihu, Bronwen Eliza, Linus Ezra Graham, Violet Leona and Felix Emanuel

Zack Francis, brother of Lily and Chase

Have any to add?  Spot any trends? Any favorites?


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