New Top Baby Names UK Announced!

New Top Baby Names UK Announced!

The most popular baby names for England and Wales for 2021 have arrived...and there's a new Number 1 for boys! The latest top baby names UK are led by Olivia and Noah, with some new names entering the Top 10.

Olivia retains her #1 spot for the sixth year running, but former favorite Oliver has been ousted from the top after eight years. Noah replaces it as the new most popular boy name. Noah was also the top boy name in the US from 2013-2016.

There are more shake-ups near the top, with new entries to the Top 10, and Jack leaving it for the first time in over 25 years.

Top Baby Names UK 2021

Three girls' names entered the Top 10 this year: Florence and Willow joined for the first time ever, while Freya returned after dipping down to 12th place in 2020. They replace Isabella, Rosie, and Sophia.

Only one name changed in the boys' Top 10, but it marks the end of a long era. Henry entered for the first time, knocking out Jack. Jack was the Number 1 boy name when records began in 1996, and this is the first time it has left the Top 10.

The new entrants to the girls' Top 100 in 2021 were Lara, Beatrice, and Sara. They replace Georgia, Abigail, and Aisha. All have ranked in the Top 100 before: Lara was last there in 2006, and Beatrice and Sara in 2019.

The biggest risers in the Top 100 were Olive, Margot, and Lyla, which all rose over 20 spots.

On the boys' side, the new entries into the Top 100 were Blake, Brody, Kai, Rupert, Tobias, and Nathan. Of these, Rupert and Brody have never been in the Top 100 before. Blake was last there in 2019, Kai and Tobias in 2018, and Nathan in 2017. They replace Jenson, Elliott, Leon, Harley, Ibrahim, and Jayden.

The highest-rising boy names within the Top 100 were Disney-inspired Luca, which rose by 17 places, and Otis and Oakley, which both climbed 15 spots.

Top 100 Girl Names UK 2021

As well as Olive, Margot, and Lyla, other high-rising girl names in the England and Wales Top 100 were Maeve (+17 places), Delilah and Lyra (+12 each), showing British parents' love of fresh options with L, M and V sounds.

The biggest fallers in the Top 100 were Molly (-19), Lucy (-16), Holly, Jasmine, and Hannah (all -14).

Top 100 Boy Names UK 2021

Besides Luca, Otis and Oakley, other fast climbers in the England and Wales Top 100 include Jude (+13 places), Alfred (+11), Ralph and Hudson (both +10).

The fastest-falling names in the Top 100 were Logan (-16), Gabriel (-12), and Adam (-10).

Find the full release plus the extended list of all names given to five or more babies in 2021 on the Office for National Statistics site.

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