New Top Baby Names UK Announced!

New Top Baby Names UK Announced!

The most popular baby names for England and Wales for 2020 are hot off the press! The latest top baby names UK are led by Olivia and Oliver for the fifth year running, with some new names entering the Top 10.

Oliver and Olivia retain their #1 spots, but there are some surprise shake-ups near the top of the charts! Ivy jumped six spots to become the sixth most popular name for baby girls in 2020, and Archie leapt ten places to knock Charlie out of the boys' Top 10 for the first time since 2005.

Top Baby Names UK 2020

Joining Ivy in the girls' Top 10 for the first time since records began is vintage nickname Rosie, signalling that the British love for sweet, old-fashioned baby names is still going strong. Ivy and Rosie replace Grace and Freya in the girls' Top 10.

The new entrants to the Top 100 in 2020 were Myla, Lyra, Maeve, Elodie, Eden, Olive and Aisha for girls, and Milo, Sonny, Yusuf, Otis and Myles for boys. Of those, only Olive, Aisha and Sonny have ever ranked in the Top 100 before – with Olive making its first appearance since the 1930s.

The biggest risers into the girls' Top 100 in 2020 were Maeve and Lyra, which rose over 100 and 50 spots respectively. Both received a big shot of publicity in 2020: Maeve due to the hit Netflix show Sex Education, and Lyra due to the daughter of Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn, born in August 2020.

On the boys' side, Milo and Otis were the highest risers into the Top 100 in 2020, both jumping 28 spots. Sex Education is likely behind the rise of quirky vintage Otis as well, while Milo was the top boy name on Nameberry for 2020 – a sure sign of success!

Here are the Top 100 baby names for girls and boys in England and Wales in 2020.

Top 100 Girl Names UK 2020

Besides Maeve and Lyra, other rapid-rising British girl names in 2020 included Arabella (+31 spots), Mabel (+30), Bonnie (+17), Elodie (+16), and Ayla, Margot and Delilah (all +14 spots).

Big fallers within the Top 100 included Thea (-11), Bella (-10), and Holly, Robyn and Georgia (all -9 spots).

Top 100 Boy Names UK 2020

Besides Milo and Otis, other fast-rising British boy names in 2020 included Roman (+31), Myles (+25), Hudson (+23), Sonny (+22) and Oakley (+16).

The biggest fallers in the Top 100 were Harley (-20), Jayden (-19), Ralph (-14), Ellis (-13) and Daniel (-10 spots).

Find the full release plus the extended list of all names given to five or more babies in 2020 on the Office for National Statistics site.

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