Spelling variation of Mila or feminine variation of Milo
"soldier or merciful"

Myla Origin and Meaning

The name Myla is a girl's name meaning "soldier or merciful".

Myla can be seen as a female variation of Milo or a different spelling for popular Mila. Though frequently unnecessary in alternate spellings, the "y" here does connote a specific pronunciation.

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Myla Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Myla Popularity

Famous People Named Myla

  • Myla GoldbergAmerican novelist
  • Myla DalbesioAmerican plus,size model
  • Myla PabloFilipina volleyball player
  • Myla Rose Federer (b. 2009)daughter of tennis players Roger Federer and Mirka Vavrinec, twin sister of Charlene Riva
  • Myla Grace Hill (b. 2002)daughter of pop singer Tamia and basketball player Grant Hill
  • Myla Rae Seder (b. 2005)daughter of actor Sam Seder
  • Myla Kelly (b. 2005)daughter of actress Belladonna and Aiden Kelly
  • Myla Carrarro (b. 2016)daughter of rugby union player Matt Carrarro