June Starbaby Names You’ll Want to Adopt

June Starbaby Names You’ll Want to Adopt

By CaraMichelle

Here we have the super-comprehensive list of celebrity babies born in the month of June.

Fairly solid, conservative June baby names were chosen by some top-tier notables: Chelsea Clinton named her son Aidan, Eddie Redmayne’s daughter is Iris Mary, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys’s baby boy is Sam and Ginnifer Goodwin’s is Hugo Wilson (shown).

And note the two Bowies, a name that’s really catching fire.

By the way, if you’re surprised to see the name Muck, it’s actually both a German and Scottish surname.


Aislin Parvaneh (Brian “Kid Ink” Collins and Asiah Azante)

Alba Mai, sister of Lola (Jonjo and Daisy Shelvey)

Alice, sister of Mathis (Anthony and Alexandra Kavanagh)

Aliyah, sister of Uma and Tiago (Rio and Elodie Mavuba)

Arabella Jacqueline (Adam Dovile and Lisa Lamond)

Avarie-Belle Betsy (Simon Brough and Dani Harmer)

Colette Jay, sister of Isla (Omar and Erica Gonzalez)

Emilia Alexis (Nico Valori and Elisa Guarraci)

Emmie Kaatje, sister of Fedde (m) and Josje (f) (Sander Jansen and Aukje van Ginneken)

Esmé (Aaron and Zoe Ashmore)

Fatima, sister of Malik (Mohamed and Lolla Elneny)

Finley Elise (Greg and Becky Bird)

Gabriela, sister of José María and Julieta (José María Manzanares and Rocío Escalona)

Iris Mary (Eddie and Hannah Redmayne)

Jordana Nicole, sister of Taylor (f) and Gemma (Zachery and Carly Bryan)

Kaci Lynn, sister of Bradley (Zach and Whitney Bates)

Keissy, sister of Elayna (Thorgan and Marie Hazard)

Kirra Max (Corey Bohan and Audrina Patridge)

Lexington Louise (Clayton Schulz and Revie Jane)

Lilly (Seamus Coleman and Rachel Cunningham)

Lottie Rae (Josh Kennedy and Lauren Atkinson)

Lou, sister of Jaxson (Maxime Talbot and Cynthia Phaneuf)

Lumé (Jacques and Genée van Rensburg)

Maya, sister of Louis (Lukas Podolski and Monika Puchalski)

Marvel Monroe, sister of Golden (f) (Richy Brown and Patricia van Dither)

Mena Lee, sister of Emmerson (f) (Ryan and Cassie Thistleton)

Minke (Lottie Hellingman)

Morena, sister of Leandro and Agustina (Diego Milito and Ana Sofia Bonetto)

Myla, sister of Chase (m) (Matt and Nardia Carraro)

Pip, sister of Sam (m) (Tom Veelers and Susan Stevelink)

Ray, sister of Jett (f) (Paul Song and Lisa Ling)

Romanella, sister of Agostina (Ever and Valeria Banega)

Rose ElizabethRosie, sister of Oliver (Kris and Katy Allen)

Ruby Ever, sister of Lyric (f) (Adam Joseph “Edge” Copeland and Beth Phoenix)

Rudi Francis (Bram Ieven and Aafke Romeijn)

Sadie, sister of Max and Jake (Matt and Marissa Hermer)

Sailor Stevie, sister of Emerson (f) (Nick Swisher and JoAnna Garcia Swisher)

Shane (Cole Maness and Erika Christensen)

Skyla Elizabeth (Nick Williams and Aaryn Gries)

Suze Elizabeth Vesper, sister of Olivier (Emiel de Sévren Jacquet and Suze Mens)


Ace Thomas (Spike and Cody Mendelsohn)

Aidan Clinton, brother of Charlotte (Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton)

Austin Ross (Shaun and Rebecca Marsh)

Ayvin (Vincent Miclet and Ayem Nour)

Bowie (Jason Thompson and Paloma Jones)

Bowie Juniper, brother of Rylee (m) (Nick and Tess Holliday)

Calvin Ernest, brother of Redford, August (m), and Aubrey (f) (Sam and Amber Jaeger)

Dante (Dane Gagai and Kelly Turner)

Deker Luke, brother of Dallas (m) (Derek Carr and Heather Neel)

Eden, brother of Arlo (m) (Jack Cork and Freya Wood)

Ernie Edward Miller (Keir Nuttall and Kate Miller-Heidke)

Felix, brother of Gaspard (Francois Pellissier and Agathe Lecaron)

George (Josh and Kirby Hodgson)

Gideon Alexander (Caleb and Ally Fairly)

Harry (Rob Archibald and Francesca Cumani)

Hektor (Filip Tuma and Nela Pociskova)

Hugo Wilson, brother of Oliver (Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin)

Jack Walter David, brother of Ted (Michael “Wippa” and Lisa Wipfli)

Jon (Ivan Marcano and Irene Carrasco)

Jordan, brother of Shae (m) (Nathan Dyer and Laura Watts)

José Ignacio, brother of Alejandra (Nacho and María Cortés)

Kylian (GeorgesKevin N’Koudou)

Leonardo, brother of Manuela, Santiago, and Rafaella (Rafael Márquez and Jaydy Michel)

Liam (Kim and Lindsie Tillie)

Lochlainn Fynn, brother of Arthur (Gareth and Ali Gilkeson)

Louis (Antonin Rouzier)

Lucas, brother of Martin (Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero)

Maverick Jax, brother of Leiana (Matt Ericson and Briana Manson)

Micky Jacob Peter (Youri Versnel and Sanne Heijen)

Montgomery Argo (Greg Rikaart and Robert Sudduth)

Muck (Jaap Reesema and Kim Kotter)

Nicolás, brother of Noa (f) and Carmen (Pablo Heras-Casado and Anne Igartiburu)

Pau (Marc Muniesa and Sara Campeny)

Rhett Jameson, brother of Nash (Wes Chatham and Jenn Brown)

Roan James (Carson McKay and Erin Chambers)

Roman, brother of Maxim, Lucas, Viktor, and Neva (Antoine Arnault and Natalia Vodianova)

Rowan, brother of Julian (Andrew Form and Jordana Brewster)

Sam, brother of Moa  (David Ekholm and Helena Jonsson)

Sam, brother of River (m) and Willa (Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell)

Teddy, brother of Misha (f) (Casey Laulala and Lydia Steetskamp)

Thiago (Iago Aspas and Jenni Rueda)

Tim (Sébastien Ogier and Andrea Kaiser)

Tomas (Jan and Sarka Barta)

Walt, brother of Michael and August (f) (Bryan Wolfe and Kim Spradlin)


Alfonsina and Rufina (José Ernesto Sosa and Carolina Alurralde)

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