100 Best Cool Unusual Boy Names Now

100 Best Cool Unusual Boy Names Now

Cool unusual boy names are the ones that give you that “Wish I’d thought of that first!” feeling. They’re names with genuine roots, straightforward spelling and pronunciation, in-step with current trends – but that barely anyone is using.

Read on for our brand new updated A-Z of the 100 best cool unusual boy names right now!

We’ve limited the field to those given to ten or fewer babies in the most recent year, meaning that a boy with any one of these names is highly unlikely to ever meet another. In fact, several of these cool unusual boy names were absent from last year’s list entirely.

Our updated A-Z includes forgotten vintage gems, rare nature names, and surname names, as well as fascinating finds from around the globe.

Tell us your favorites below – and let us know what other cool unusual choices you’d nominate for this list!

100 Best Cool Unusual Boy Names

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