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Gender: M Meaning of Baird: "minstrel, poet" Origin of Baird: Scottish occupational name

Meaning bard, this is an original choice with poetic and melodic undertones. Bard itself has also come into consideration, both names bringing to mind Shakespeare and other literary lights.

The Scottish surname Baird's most notable bearer was John Logie Baird, the Scottish engineer and inventor of the televisor, the world's first practical television system in 1926, and also the world's first fully electronic color TV tube two years later. Some might also remember puppeteers Bil and Cora Baird.

Famous People Named Baird

(Wenzell) Baird Bryant, American filmmaker and cinematographer
(William) Baird Searles, American science fiction critic and author
Baird Thomas Spalding, American spiritual author

Pop Culture References for the name Baird

Baird Whitlock, character in "Hail, Caesar!"

Bayrd, Bar, Bay, Bayerd, Barde, Barr, Bard