Gender: Male Origin of Gatsby: German surname and literary name

Gatsby Origin and Meaning

The name Gatsby is a boy's name of German origin.

Suddenly, we're hearing the name Gatsby, as in The Great character by F. Scott Fitzgerald, used as a first name for girls as well as boys. The book's Jay Gatsby gussied up his surname from Gatz, whose meaning is given variously as left-handed, cat, God, and person from Gat. As a first name, it's got a lot of energy and that great pedigree.

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Mort'sMom Says:


Just jumping in here but yeah, it's an opinion if you think it's 'an opinion' that Harry Potter was a wizard in those books. F Scott Fitzgerald wrote 'The Great Gatsby' (incorrect lack of quotation marks to denote a title, by the way) as a huge critique of the American Dream and how chasing capitalist fantasies will ultimately destroy you, etc. and that's not an opinion, it's the central theme of the book. Jay Gatsby isn't supposed to be a character you have the desire to emulate and if you feel that way it's because you read it and your only thoughts were 'omg the glamuuurrrrr' which is...literally everything that Fitzgerald was railing against. The idea that it represents 'a dream' is an opinion and not a very insightful one so maybe you should give it a second read!

LaylaRabes Says:


I stumbled upon your comment here and I have to say, I think you are very wrong. Although I have no intentions of naming a child Gatsby, your idea that someone who names their child this is someone who read The Great Gatsby (incorrect capitalization, by the way) but really didn't get it, is nothing more than an opinion. We all read literature and interpret characters differently. I'm not going to analyze the novel here, but I, for one, think that the name Gatsby represents a dream. However, after clicking on your username and looking at many of your other comments on names, I see that you spend far too much time criticizing other's choices. I just felt that someone should tell you the difference between fact and opinion.

heathergrey Says:


I feel like this is the kind of thing people name their kids when they like the 1920s and they've read the Great Gatsby but REALLY didn't get it.

Tammy Tim-Tam (Timmy Tammy) Says:


This is a guilty pleasure name of mine. I have always dreamed of having fraternal twins and naming them Jay Gatsby and Daisy.

KC Says:


Oh you should. It's good.

graceelizabeth Says:


This is a hard one for me... I am admittedly obsessed not only with The Great Gatsby, but F. Scott Fitzgerald as well. I've considered the name Fitzgerald for a boy (nn Fitz) but am thrown by the fact that it would mean 'son of Gerald'. I would still consider it for a middle name though, because I greatly admire Fitzgerald's work and life. As for Gatsby, I am uncertain about the name because, as mentioned earlier, it nods to a character that didn't always have the best morals, and certainly didn't have the best ending. There are, however, admirable qualities to Jay Gatsby, and in homage to the novel, I would still consider this name. Gatsby seems like a very formal, prestigious, darling little boy's name. I could also see it for a little girl (Gatsby Elizabeth, perhaps)? With the nickname Bee.

Aurorasmommy Says:


This name is great! Hubby and I love this name paired with a strong common middle name like Alexander.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


yeah, now I'm probably never reading that book... (Yes I am like the only person who hasn't read the Great Gatsby)

lesliemarion Says:


Gorgeously written novel, but the man is a phony named Gatz who ends up dead in a swimming pool. Bad karma name.

Kailagood Says:


Not something i would name a little boy but i can imagine a huge great Pyrenees or saint Bernard named Gatsby.

catcher5 Says:


At first, when I heard this name, I was like, really? But it's growing on me. I think I would use it if I could convince the DH.

mabespark Says:


It's retro cool, but can you imagine a little baby boy named this?

Alicia1 Says:



Theodora_Phoenix Says:


For some reason this just makes me think of a naughty, hyperactive little kid of a hipster running around in a coffee shop. I don't know why.