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Gender: M Origin of Iggy: Latin, diminutive of Ignatius

Iggy is the quintessential pop star name, though it's the nickname Cate Blanchett uses for son IGNATIUS. Iggy does bring any grander-sounding name down to earth.

Famous People Named Iggy

Iggy Pop, born James Newell Osterberg Jr., American musician, singer, songwriter
Egnatius "Iggy" Katona, American NASCAR driver
Ignatius Charles "Iggy" O'Donnell, Australian rugby union player
Ignacio Tuason "Iggy" Arroyo Jr., Filipino politician
Jarome "Iggy" Iginla, Canadian NHL hockey player
Iggy Azalea, Australian female rapper born Amethyst Amelia Kelly

Pop Culture References for the name Iggy

Iggy, character in James Patterson's series "Maximum Ride"
Ignis "Iggy" Scientia, character in the game "Final Fantasy XV"
Iggy Koopa, character in Super Mario Brothers 3
Iggy, nickname for the character England in anime Axis Powers: Hetalia
Iggy, character in manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
"Iggy Arbuckle," Canadian animated TV series and its main character
Iggy, character in Little Lulu comics
Iggy, character in anime Ergo Proxy
Iggy, character in MySims