Name Guru to the Stars: Latest Picks

It’s impossible to know how many celeberries we have out there, but every so often a celebrity couple has such good taste, I wonder if they’re one of us. Take Caterina Scorsone and Rob Giles. Their daughters are named Eliza and Paloma, called Pippa. Eliza has been one of Nameberry’s top recommendations for years, and both Paloma and Pippa rank among our favorites. I wouldn’t be surprised if Melissa and David Fumero were Berries, either. They named their son Enzo, a name so suave and fashionable it almost hurts.

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Help the Bode Millers Name Their Twin Boys!

bode miller twin boys

Olympic skier Bode Miller and wife Morgan Beck Miller recently became the parents of identical twin boys — but the twins need names!

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Sagittarius Baby Names Supersized

sagittarius baby names 2019

If you’re expecting a Sagittarius baby in 2019 — the sign officially starts on November 22 — you may be especially inspired to search among the gorgeous Sagittarius baby names for your little archer.

Sagittarius is especially strong in the heavens this year, with its ruler Jupiter spending its final beneficent days in the sign until December 2 and a new moon in Sagittarius beaming down fresh energy on November 26. Jupiter or the names of one of its moons might make an excellent super-Sag choice.

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and is represented by a centaur drawing a bow.  Traits said to be shared by people born under the archer are generosity, honesty, and compassion as well as foolishness, pride, and frankness.  Sagittarians are ethical but impulsive, and have a love of excitement and adventure.  Though the turquoise is their main gemstone, they may also be represented the topaz, ruby, emerald, and sapphire

Other elements associated with this sign are the color purple, the narcissus, and the dandelion.  The archer is one of three fire signs along with Leo and Aries, so names that mean fire might also make good choices.

You might also look to literary and other heroes born under the sign of Sagittarius, who include Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women, and statesman Winston Churchill.

Here are some of the best names for babies born under the sign of Sagittarius:

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Long Middle Names for Girls

a Name Sage post by: Abby View all Name Sage posts

by Abby Sandel

Wanted: a long middle name for a girl.

Fill in the blank: take a modern, mini, three-letter first name, add a two-syllable, ends-with-n surname. Now what works in the middle?

kbee writes:

My husband and I quickly settled on the name Lia for our little girl due in January.  We like that it’s short and sweet. Our last name is on the longer side, similar to Blackmann.

We are struggling to find a middle name that balances the two. Names we like such as Kate and June seem too short and a bit abrupt while Alexandra and Adelaide seem to overpower her short first name.

We have discussed Isabel, but maybe it leans too Spanish when paired with Lia? My husband vetoed Makenna and I vetoed Abigail. He prefers sweet/feminine traditional names while I like more unique/trendy names. We are both willing to compromise for the middle.

The Name Sage replies:

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rich women names

If you’re hoping your baby girl grows up to be a self-made billionaire, you might look for naming inspiration to Forbes‘ lastest list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women.

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