Baby Name News

October 29th, 2020

Has the Pandemic Changed Your Choice of Baby Names?

By Sophie Kihm

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting how we think about baby names. Answer our survey and let us know how it’s impacting your choices.

Nico Gianna & Jasper Graham
October 28th, 2020

How I Named My Babies: Nico Gianna & Jasper Graham

By Sophie Kihm

Alanna Shore, stay-at-home parent, and her husband Keith, artist and art director of Mikkeller Beer, live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with their four children. In May they welcomed their latest arrivals, twins named Nico Gianna and Jasper Graham. Here, Alanna shares the story of how she and Keith named their babies.

kit harington baby names
October 27th, 2020

Name Guru to the Stars: Kit Harington, Meghan Trainor, and more!

By Sophie Kihm

Our Name Guru to the Stars has her predictions for Kit Harington’s baby name, as well as Meghan Trainor, Katharine McPhee, and more!

victorian baby names
October 26th, 2020

Victorian Baby Names Revive an Era

By Emma Waterhouse

Victorian baby names feel fresh and strong, even as other vintage names rise up the charts. We round up the best popular and unique Victorian picks.

surprisingly international baby names
October 25th, 2020

Surprisingly International Baby Names

By Emma Waterhouse

What are surprisingly international baby names? They’re names that are super-rare in the US, but have roots in multiple languages, and work in many more!

scorpio baby names
October 23rd, 2020

Scorpio Baby Names Captivate and Inspire

By Sophie Kihm

Scorpio baby names convey the passion and intesity of the sign. They’re related to the autumn season, water, and other symbols associated with Scorpio.

great nicknames for classic boy names
October 21st, 2020

Great Nicknames Shorten Classic Favorites

By Abby Sandel

Great nicknames can transform a solid classic into a cuddly name for a child – and still leave plenty of room to grow! Kalli and her family have used this strategy to name their daughters. Now let’s help them find an equally great nickname/formal name combination for a son. What goes with Lulu, Millie, and Georgie?

cottagecore baby names
October 20th, 2020

Cottagecore Baby Names Turn Back the Clock

By Sophie Kihm

Cottagecore baby names embrace the vintage, wholesome aesthetic of the cottagecore movement. See our picks for the most bucolic names.

name nerds
October 19th, 2020

You Know You’re a Name Nerd When….

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Are you a name nerd? Name lovers are usually born, not made, and our readers have been sharing all the eccentric habits that make them a name nerd!

hottest names 2020
October 18th, 2020

The Hottest Names of 2020

By Clare Green

We analyzed the fastest-growing names in our database. Here are the results!