Baby Name Trends: Technology and more

By Clare Green

This week’s news includes name ideas from books and technology, babies named after hospitals, and trends in Ireland and the Isle of Man.

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Place Names for Babies: The hot spots

by Linda Rosenkrantz

Place names for babies are a movable feast. We’ve traveled from London and Paris and Brittany to towns in New Jersey like Trenton and Camden and on to New York’s Brooklyn and even a starbaby boy named Bronx.

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Sibling Names: 3 P’s in a Pod?

a Name Sage post by: Abby View all Name Sage posts

Their children are named Paisley and Palmer. Now they’re expecting number three, and they’re asking themselves: to P or not to P with this sibling name?

Amanda writes:

My husband and I are expecting our third (and final) baby in September. We currently have two children, Paisley Raine and Palmer Reed, and are having a hard time answering the question everyone wants to know. Will new little sister’s name start with a P?

While both of our children share the initials PRM, it wasn’t intentional on our part. We just happened to fall in love both names. Part of me is afraid that little sister will feel left out if her name has different initials, but my husband feels differently.

We truly have no list at all. We like unique names, but nothing too crazy. I’m a teacher, so I like names that I don’t hear every year. My husband likes names with a Southern feel.

Thanks for your help!

The Name Sage replies:

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85 Luscious L Names for Girls

by Linda Rosenkrantz

I can tell you from personal experience that L is a lovely initial for a girl to have. It looks great written in script, it has an appealingly lilting sound, especially with a second L-syllable, and of course it’s the letter of love.

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70s Dad Names Around the World

by Sophie Kihm

Dad Names, like Dad Clothes and Dad Jokes, are total classics. We’re all familiar with them—sometimes to the point of exhaustion. They’re common among middle-aged men—those who are experienced fathers, but not yet old enough to be grandfathers. Most importantly, they’re not trendy among babies born today. The names on this list were most popular in the 1970s in their respective countries.

Just like baby names today, Dad Names vary from country to country. What sounds dated and dad-ish in Norway may be fresh and youthful in the US. So even if the names from your home country make you think of corny jokes, white sneakers and Hawaiian shirts (or whatever your cultural equivalent is), know that somewhere else in the world, it’s a novel idea for a baby boy.

Here are forty-five quintessential Dad Names from around the world:

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