Baby Name Theft: Are We the Bad Guys?

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They found the right name for their son, and he’s due soon. But in the meantime, a cousin gave the very same name to her son – and she probably won’t be happy to share.

S. writes:

I am due in January, and after months (really years) of deliberating had finally settled with my husband on a baby name for our son. We had come up with several girl names that we liked but when we found out that we were having a boy we could really only agree on one name.

My cousin had a baby today and used the same name and even the same middle initial. We are not very close with her, but we live in the same area and our families are close.

She can be extremely competitive and petty. If we keep the name, she will say we “stole” it and it will certainly lead to a few raised eyebrows in the family. But if we choose a different name now it will feel like we couldn’t use our perfect name because she just got there first.

I’m only six weeks away from my due date and already our baby feels like our chosen name fits him. We’re heartbroken and starting over doesn’t seem possible given how long it took us to settle on this name. What should we do? This falls somewhere between sister’s kid and distant acquaintance.

The Name Sage replies:

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15 Exceptional E Names for Boys

by Clare Green

Thinking of using an E name for a boy? Beyond classic Edward and high-ranking Elijah and Ethan, there are endless possibilities.

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12 Best Golden Globe Nominee Names

by Linda Rosenkrantz

The awards season has begun, the Golden Globes and SAG nominations have been announced and, following a Nameberry tradition, we’d like to present our own awards for the best names on the lists. So here are our twelve 2018 nominees. Care to cast your ballot?

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Most Popular Names 2018

By Linda Rosenkrantz

On Nameberry’s baby name popularity list for 2018, Atticus is the top boys’ name for the second year in a row and Olivia ranks as Number 1 for the third consecutive year.  But the big news from the Most Popular Baby Names of 2018 is that three new names have attained a spot in the golden Top 10: Finn, Genevieve–which jumped up from #28 to #10–and Rose!  Yes, that perennial middle name has now become a first name fave!

Parents have become more and more adventurous with their boy choices: in 2018 there were more boys’ names than girls’ entering the ranks of both the Top 100 and Top 1000 names. Nameberry boy favorites include fewer classics and traditional male picks, with style becoming a dominant factor.

For both genders we now see a preponderance of charming vintage revivals, with Clementine and Cordelia, Otto and Amos, all entering the Top 100. Unusual names made a strong showing as well, with high rankings for Amara, Aurora, Lyra and Wren, Atlas, Aarav, Ryker and Caspian.

Note: Four of the Top 10 girls’ names begin and end in the letter A.

Nameberry’s popular names list measures which names attracted the largest share of our nearly 250 million page views.  It’s a measure of parents’ interest in baby names and a predictor of which names will become more popular in the future. While the latest national list measures 2017 popularity, Nameberry’s list gives a more current sense of what parents are considering NOW.

Here are the Top Ten baby names for each gender:

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Unusual Baby Names in the News

By Clare Green

This week’s news includes big bold word names, local name pockets, and names from France, New Zealand and 1950s New York.

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