rich women names

If you’re hoping your baby girl grows up to be a self-made billionaire, you might look for naming inspiration to Forbes‘ lastest list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women.

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Can a Name Make You Naughty or Nice?

naughty names

Parents who name their babies Rowdy or Rebel are only asking for trouble, but what’s wrong with naming them Jack or Mia?

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Top Baby Names of the Decade

top baby names of the 2010s

The top baby names of the 2010s — the decade that is drawing to a close — are dominated by classic names still used by a wide range of parents.

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New Baby Surname Trends

surname trends

Just when you had the whole first name and middle name thing worked out for your baby, here comes a new name challenge. What will your child’s surname be?

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Celebrity Baby Names: News of the week

by Emma Waterhouse

This week’s celebrity baby name news includes two routes to standout starbaby names, plus there’s the trend for human-sounding brand names, and a look at the fleeting phenomenon that is baby name popularity in the 21st century…

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