Long Middle Names for Girls

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by Abby Sandel

Wanted: a long middle name for a girl.

Fill in the blank: take a modern, mini, three-letter first name, add a two-syllable, ends-with-n surname. Now what works in the middle?

kbee writes:

My husband and I quickly settled on the name Lia for our little girl due in January.  We like that it’s short and sweet. Our last name is on the longer side, similar to Blackmann.

We are struggling to find a middle name that balances the two. Names we like such as Kate and June seem too short and a bit abrupt while Alexandra and Adelaide seem to overpower her short first name.

We have discussed Isabel, but maybe it leans too Spanish when paired with Lia? My husband vetoed Makenna and I vetoed Abigail. He prefers sweet/feminine traditional names while I like more unique/trendy names. We are both willing to compromise for the middle.

The Name Sage replies:

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