Baby Name News

baby name Atlas
November 25th, 2020

How I Named My Baby: Atlas Rose

By Sophie Kihm

Miami couple Evelyn Woodbridge and Chris Lopez share how they chose the baby name Atlas Rose for their daughter, born this past March.

Sagittarius baby names
November 24th, 2020

Sagittarius Baby Names Hit the Target

By Sophie Kihm

Sagittarius baby names are adventurous, inspired choices connected to symbols of the sign, such as the archer, Jupiter, and fire.

names with bad meanings
November 23rd, 2020

Good Names with Bad, Bad Meanings

By Emma Waterhouse

Good names with bad meanings exist, and you might be surprised to discover some of the most popular names of all time among them. So does meaning matter?

rare classic boy names
November 21st, 2020

Rare Classic Boy Names

By Clare Green

Can you have a boy name that’s both unusual and traditional? You bet. Here are 100+ rare classics given to a handful of boys each year.

thanksgiving names
November 19th, 2020

What’s Your Thanksgiving Name?

By Sophie Kihm

Thanksgiving names are festive and traditional. Take our latest quiz and we’ll tell you which name matches your Thanksgiving personality.

challenging family traditions
November 18th, 2020

Challenging Family Traditions

By Abby Sandel

Challenging family traditions can make naming a child even harder! The Name Sage talks through an expectant mom’s best options for finding a compromise.

uncommon girl names
November 17th, 2020

Transforming Top to Uncommon Girl Names

By Sophie Kihm

If you’ve always wanted to name your daughter Olivia or Sophia or Charlotte, only to see your favorite name “ruined” by its rise to the top of the popularity list, we have a solution. Or rather, 100 of them.

traditional girl names
November 16th, 2020

Traditional Girl Names: The Ultimate Guide

By Emma Waterhouse

Traditional girl names range from the timeless classics to the unique vintage gems that feel ripe for revival today. We round up 100+ of the best.

multilingual names
November 14th, 2020

Picking the Perfect Multilingual Name

By Clare Green

A name that works across languages AND which you love? No problem — read our top tips for getting the balance right.

covid baby names
November 13th, 2020

COVID Impacts Baby Names

By Sophie Kihm

COVID baby names look different than baby names before. The results of our survey show how the pandemic has changed baby naming.