by Linda Rosenkrantz

Easter Baby Names! Yes, Christmas may have its holly and Halloween its ghosts, but probably no holiday has more varied sources of potential baby name inspiration than Easter. There are symbols and meanings that evolved from both Christian and pagan sources, from names that mean resurrection to Jesus as “the Lamb of God to Biblical characters to the Easter lily and other related botanicals, and bunny rabbits symbolizing abundant new life.

Here are a dozen plus of our favorite Easter baby names:

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By Clare Green

This week’s news includes unique names inspired by the Tiger Woods victory plus what’s happening in places like California, Cornwall, Paris and other parts of the world.

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They picked a favorite girl name and a favorite boy name – but now they’re expecting twins! Time to double the name search.

Elsie writes:

We had everything prepared for our little bundle of joy’s entrance into the world, especially when we had decided on two names – Mariana Eloise for a girl and Gael Jesús for a boy. One appointment later, it’s a double bundle!

Although the blessing of twins is a joyous occasion, we can’t help but feel distraught over the tricky issue of name-giving. To make matters even more difficult on ourselves, we don’t know their sexes but that’s because we both agreed that we wanted to wait.

Do Mariana and Gael go together? We chose Mariana as we loved its style, its flow. We chose Gael for its strong, masculine sound and its unique feel. We’re having a hard time finding twin names that match up.

We would really appreciate your thoughts.

The Name Sage replies:

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Dog Names: Don’t Name Your Dog Duke!

by Sophie Kihm

It’s a common name-nerd conundrum—wanting a name that’s stylish and familiar but under-the-radar. We hear this request all the time.

This extends beyond baby names. People are looking for unique names for their pets, too. Now that there’s data on the most common names for dogs and cats, pet owners can check their choices’ popularity before making a final decision. Rudy may have seemed like a creative name at one time, but what do you know—it’s ranked #71! 

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Pet Names: Bye-bye Bella!

by Sophie Kihm

Naming a dog and naming a baby, while similar in some respects, are two totally different tasks. We have different requirements for our pet names and our baby names. Children need names that can serve them in multiple contexts over the many stages of life. Dogs don’t.

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