How Millennial Is Your Name?

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Names can define generations, with John and Mary the Number 1 names for The Greatest Generation, Linda and Gary emblematic names of the Baby Boom, and now Jessica and Michael emerging as the top names for Millennials.

Nameberry tabulated the names of all babies born from 1982 until 2004, widely agreed as the boundaries for Millennials, and found that Jessica and Michael were at the head of the list for all names given for babies born during the Millennial generation.

Michael was by far the leader for both sexes, with over 1.1 million boys named Michael in those 20+ years. The reason: Michael is a name that feels at once traditional and modern, and provided the perfect bridge between the Old School male names like Robert and Richard borne by the fathers of Millennials and the new names from Milo to Maverick used for boys today.

On the girls’ side, Jessica‘s popularity is somewhat watered down by having shared the stage for so long with Jennifer, which was off its peak by the time the Millennial Generation started being named. The top Millennial girls’ names are a mix of the classic — Sarah, Emily, Elizabeth — and trendy, such as Ashley and Amanda.

Here are the Top 20 most Millennial Names for each gender, with the total number of people who received the name during that generation.

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By John Kelly

This Black History Month, we’re taking a look at some of the great jazz musicians of the past century. But these cats didn’t just give us some of the best music. Their names also offer some inspiration for baby boy names—and on the flip, serve as a cool way for jazz lovers to honor and remember their musical heroes.

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

One perk of following international events for name nerds is the exposure to a whole new world of interesting multi-cultural names, and the current Winter Olympics is no exceptions. Though many of the superstars have such familiar names as Chloe and Kelly and Jamie and Shaun and Sean, we’ve also spotted some outstanding European, Asian, Africa and even Anglo names that piqued our interest.

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Baby Name News: Fresh and festive choices

By Clare Bristow

This week’s news includes gemstone and virtue names for boys, reasons to choose a popular name, fresh names from the 1990s (yes, really), and Boomer Phelps’s little brother.

Festive, lucky names

At this time of year, the festivals come thick and fast – as do baby names relating to them. Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s or Palentine’s Day) has been and gone, as has Mardi Gras. In honor of the end of carnival season, Cleveland Evans’ column looked at names inspired by days, including Mardi and Domenica, and the more transparent Tuesday and Sunday. If you like these, here are even more days that work as names.

Coming up this weekend is the Lunar New Year. Whether or not you’re celebrating the start of the year of the Earth Dog, you might find inspiration in these names relating to good fortune and dogs. And because good luck is such a common theme in names (who wouldn’t want it for their child?), here are even more adventurous names meaning luck.

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

Since the beginning of US history, from the time of George Washington on, aspirational parents have bestowed presidential surnames (with a few exceptions like Eisenhower and Bush) on their sons, in the old platitude that every American lad could grow up to hold the country’s highest office.

Even now, the national boy Top 500 popularity list is rife with such names, i.e.:

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