Coolest Celebrity Baby Names of 2019

by Linda Rosenkrantz

2019 has already given us an abundance of cool and unique celebrity baby names to admire. Especially intriguing are those names with interesting backstories—be they touching tributes to family, lofty aspirational names, or meaningful place and word names.  Here are those that we consider to be the coolest celebrity baby names of 2019—so far.

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Unique Baby Names in the News

By Clare Green

This week’s news includes unique baby names, the hottest names in Switzerland, celebrity baby names that make a statement, and parents who changed their baby names to keep their families happy…would you?

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a Name Sage post by: Abby View all Name Sage posts

by Abby Sandel

Let’s solve the riddle of the girl middle name for their due-in-December daughter.

Stephanie writes:

We are expecting our first child, a daughter, in December. We are going with Gracie for her first name (not Grace, but Gracie), but we cannot find a  middle name we love. We’ve thought about Noelle, since she will be a Christmas baby; Rae or Rhea since my husband’s middle name is Ray; more unique options like Wren and classics like Josephine; but nothing has stuck. I do not want to go with my maiden name and our last name starts with “G” so we want to try to stay away from vowels. Help!

The Name Sage responds:

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15 Stellar Astronomy Baby Names

By Clare Green

If you’ve ever looked up in wonder at the night sky, or tried to pick out the constellations, you may be considering astronomy baby names. There are galaxies of possibilities, ranging from the names of moons, stars and planets, to choices inspired by famous astronomers and space exploration.

Whether you’re an astrophysicist or just love watching the skies, here are 15 of the most stellar astronomy-inspired names.

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Names Meaning Red are Blazing Hot

by Linda Rosenkrantz

Names meaning red, in fact all names that are related to the color red, have been red hot recently—and not just for red-haired babies.

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