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December Baby Names: Helena to Huckleberry

By Meagan Burke

December baby names can be drawn from a whole range of inspirational sources, including but not at all limited to holiday festivities.

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12 Great Boy Names Starting with J

By Clare Green

Boy names starting with J have been hugely popular ever since the days (ok, centuries) when John was number one. Today, the J names at the top of the charts include other biblical classics like James, Jacob and Joseph, and modern favorites like Jackson and Jayden.

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By Clare Green

This week’s news includes family traditions, sticky dilemmas, an alphabet of winter storm names, and boy names you may never have heard before.

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12 Tasty Thanksgiving Names

by Linda Rosenkrantz


Thanksgiving baby names include that names of arrivals on the Mayflower to those responsible for making it as a national holiday to the perennial Macy’s parade to poor old Tom Turkey himself.  Here are what we consider some of the best Thanksgiving-related options for baby names.

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By John Kelly

Ghouls and goblins don’t exactly make for the best namesakes, but we still wanted to get into the Halloween spirit. So, we’ve conjured up just that: Some baby names with “soulful” roots that may keep you up at night not with trepidation, but inspiration.


Enid has a vintage sound, which just might her fresh again. From the Welsh for “soul” or “life,” Enid is the beautiful lover of Geraint, a king and warrior storied in Arthurian legend. She is #637 on 2017’s Top 1000 girl names, down from her all-time high at #420 in 1920, when she graced the name of several starlets of the silent screen. Enid shares the nostalgic appeal of the more voguish Eleanor and Evelyn.

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