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The 27+ Best Beachy Baby Names

beach names

by Linda Rosenkrantz

If you’re looking for a sunny, beachy name for your summer baby, you can definitely move beyond Ocean and Sunny and Soleil.  There are so many paths to follow, from names of beautiful beaches to international versions of beach-related words to famous surfer dude names.

Here are our choices of the 27+ best summer baby names inspired by the beach.

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by Emma Waterhouse

Another year, another raft of fantastic new names added to the Nameberry database, courtesy of our brilliant Berries! From Adalind to Zaelia, Alberic to Zlatan: the newest Nameberry names may all be extremely uncommon in the English-speaking world, but most of them feel eminently wearable — many even right on trend.

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Baby Name Ideas: For your Cancer baby

By E. Wittig

Summer has just arrived, and with it, the celestial Crab. Cancer is the fifth sequential sign of the Zodiac and spans from June 21st to July 22nd. Crabs are sensitive, loyal homebodies and imaginative dreamers, inspiring a plethora of baby name ideas. They are ruled by the moon and the element of water. Blue-green, silver, and white are the sign’s colors, and rubies and pearls are its gems, all of which serve as inspiration for names for Cancer babies. 

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

It’s the summer solstice—the longest day of the year—heralding the sun-drenched days of the season after what was to many a particularly harsh and seemingly endless winter. To welcome the sunniest season, let’s look at some summer baby names that start with the syllables Sun and the Sol—even sneaking in a couple that don’t relate directly to the sun.

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By Clare Green

What a week this is for baby name lovers! We’ve had some long-awaited announcements in this week’s name news, including a royal baby, and new popularity charts from several countries. And that’s just for starters: tomorrow we’re expecting the main course of the USA 2018 baby name data. (You can still enter our contest to guess the new Top 10 until midnight tonight, Thursday 9 May.) Strap in and enjoy!

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