December Baby Names Spread Cheer

December Baby Names Spread Cheer

December baby names are incredibly inspired, with the winter season and holidays offering a wealth of worthy options. Christmas baby names or those related to the Christian faith are especially significant this time of year. So are Jewish baby names and names that mean light, in honor of both Hanukkah and the solstice.

Late December birthdays are among the rarest throughout the entire year, with December 25 being the least common birthday. But December babies tend to be some of the brightest — and the earliest risers!

December symbols, such as the zircon and turquoise birthstones, are related to baby names such as Fairuza and Perouze. You may also be interested in Sagittarius names or Capricorn names, in reference to your child’s zodiac sign.

Winter officially begins on December 21st, so a name related to snow, ice, and all things wintry feels right for a December son or daughter.

If you’re expecting a baby this December, consult our guide to December baby names, below.

Top December Names

The most popular December baby names are largely related to the holidays celebrated during the month. Christmas names are abundant, with Natalie, Christian, Angel (for boys), and Joseph all ranking in the US Top 100.

Other holidays are represented as well — Israel could be used for a Hanukkah baby (although it’s typically used by non-Jewish families), and Lucia would be perfect for a daughter born on December 13th, Saint Lucia’s Day.

As far as non-denominational baby names go, there are many wonderful seasonal choices currently common for American children, particularly for girls. Among them, Ivy, Scarlett, Stella, and Winter.

December Girl Names

The winter solstice occurs at the end of December, and names that mean snow could be a special way to mark the season. Winter baby names with snowy meanings exist in cultures around the world — we especially love the Finnish Lumi, Italian Neve, and Japanese Yuki.

If you’re Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah, you may already be considering Hebrew names and Jewish names for your child. But one that means “light,” such as Nera, Ori, or Eliora, would add an extra layer of significance for a baby born this time of year.

Historical December-born namesakes for a daughter include fauvist painter Henri Matisse (December 31), mathematician Ada Lovelace (December 10), French singer Edith Piaf (December 19), and novelist Jane Austen (December 16).

December Boy Names

The zodiac signs of December are Sagittarius and Capricorn, which each offer unique name inspiration for boys. Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, which may lead you to choose Sagittarius names. There's Archer, of course, but also Arrow, Bowman, or Fletcher. Capricorn is the sign of the goat, so Capricorn names include hircine baby names such as Giles, Terach, and Jael.

December is the twelfth month of the year on our modern calendar, but was the tenth month of the Roman calendar, from which it gets its name. Decimus comes from the same Latin root, meaning “tenth,” and Tolvar is a Danish name meaning “twelve.”

Notable namesakes for a December-born son include Old Hollywood stars Ava Gardner and Humphrey Bogart (both born December 24), singer Frank Sinatra (December 12), and news anchor Diane Sawyer (December 22).

Unique December Names

The symbols of December inspire many rare names for babies. December’s birth flower is narcissus, which is related to the name Narcissa — although we discourage its use due to its narcissistic associations. Instead, try another flower name associated with the month, such as Amaryllis or Winika and Calanthe — the latter two mean “Christmas orchid.”

Turquoise and Zircon are two gems of December, each of which can be used as a name in its own right. You may also consider Fairuza or Perouze, which both mean “turquoise.”

Winter and Christmas-related word names sure to set your child apart from the crowd include Dancer and Frost, North and Pine. And of course, Christmas itself! Frasier, as in Frasier Fir, has a subtle connection to Christmas trees. The Fraser variation is a Top 100 name in Scotland.

Bibiana, Asella, and Leocadia are among the female saints with rare names and feast days in December. For boys, Clement, Osmund, and Florian are three of the worthiest options.

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