Autumn Names: Colorful and Cozy

Autumn Names: Colorful and Cozy

If you’re expecting a baby this fall, you might consider a name that honors the season. Autumn names are inspired by the colors of nature, and plants and animals associated with autumn; by festivals like Harvest, and seasonal changes like the nights becoming darker.

The name Autumn itself is a steady favorite for girls, ranking in the US Top 100 names since 1997. Names with the same meaning in other languages also tend to be feminine — Aki in Japanese, Thu in Vietnamese, Hazan in Turkish — although the Hebrew name Stav is unisex.

Beyond names literally meaning autumn, there are plenty of choices that nod to this golden season. Huddle up and enjoy our pick of the best autumn baby names.

Autumn Symbol Names

Names with a subtle autumnal theme include those meaning abundance and thanks, the birthstones and flowers for each month, and zodiac names for the season. Some of our favorites:

Autumn Color Names

Think of an autumn walk, and you’ll probably picture a colorful palette of falling leaves in yellow, orange, gold and brown. There are many names with equally vibrant meanings, including:

Autumn Nature Names

At this time of year it’s hard not to notice nature, whether it’s ripe fruit on trees, or animals and birds preparing for winter. Nature names are an *ahem* evergreen trend: here are some that are both fresh and autumnal.

Autumn Weather Names

Misty mornings, mellow sunshine, wild storms and darkening evenings: why not choose a name inspired by your favorite seasonal weather?

Autumn Festival Names

If your baby is due around a festival such as the end of Harvest, the Equinox, or Thanksgiving, you may want their name to celebrate it. It could be specific, like saints’ names, or a general festive symbol like names meaning “fire”. Some of the coolest are:

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